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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 4, 2018: In Grenada, ask anyone what the national dish is and if the answer is not ‘Oil Down,’ then they are not really Grenadian! Here is the recipe for this simple, delicious and one-pot dish that you can try this weekend.

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8-10 young dasheen or taro root

1 sprig celery, chive and thyme

2 medium carrots chopped

2 chili peppers chopped

1/2 lb flour for dumplings

4 green bananas

1 cup of salt fish, cooked and flaked

1 bunch of callaloo or spinach leaves, with stalks – chopped USA, LLC

Salt to taste

2 tsp turmeric (saffron)

1/2 lb Salted meat such as salt beef, salted pigtail or salted pigs snout, or a mixture of all three (pre-soaked overnight)

1 large breadfruit peeled

2 cups coconut milk

1 medium onion chopped


Wash and peel breadfruit cutting into 8 sections and cut into half crosswise.

Wash meat and cut into pieces and rinse with lime juice and water.

Remove skins of onions, rinse and chop.

Remove seeds of peppers and chop.

Chop chives into small pieces.

Put salted meat (s) into cold water, bring to the boil and drain. Repeat 3 times to remove preserving salt, then cook until just tender and drain.

Sauté onions and garlic in hot oil until onions are translucent.

Add chive, thyme, flavoring pepper, salted meat to taste.

Pour in 2 cups of coconut milk.

Add wedges of breadfruit, sugar, green hot pepper, green banana and cook until breadfruit absorbs liquid.

In a separate bowl, add flour, a pinch of salt and water and make a dough.

Add remaining coconut milk and turn dough into small dumplings and add to the pot.

Add callaloo and salt fish.

Stir to blend well and cook at a reduced heat. There should be no remaining liquid.

Serve hot. USA, LLC

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