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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. March 23, 2020: COVID-19 may have grounded most travel worldwide but that does not mean you can’t use this time to plan and daydream about your next vacation in the Caribbean. There are hundreds of beautiful and picturesque islands in the Caribbean. Apart from the scenic views, they are very surreal and offer a heavenly experience.

 Here are 10 of the most surreal islands that are worth a visit.

1: Dominica: Abundance of Natural Beauty

If you’re searching for a Caribbean island that offers luxury lodging amidst nature; Dominica is a perfect choice.

It’s a 290-square-mile island currently witnessing a luxury hotel boom. The island has lush peaks, deep valleys, and 365 rivers that cover up the eastern Caribbean island.

Along with your swimming costumes, don’t forget to pack your tactical pants and be part of a guided hike tour into the Valley of Desolation, which leads to the world’s second-largest boiling lake. You can also visit Morne Trois Pitons National Park (UNESCO designated) for a refreshing swim in the waterfall-fed Emerald Pool.

2: Caicos: The Less-Travelled Caribbean

The north and middle Caicos specifically offer quaint, rustic island life. They are connected by ferries.

On Middle Caicos, you can experience the world’s most beautiful stretches of sand in Mudjin Harbor Beach. It offers a mesmerizing spot for soaking up the stunning Caribbean views. The island is divine, languid and quiet. You’ll find only a handful of bars and restaurants with a few cottages and hotels.

You are mostly going to have this paradise to yourself.

3: Saba: For a thrilling experience

Spread across a five square-mile; this Caribbean island comes under the radar of most tourists.

The island is only accessible by air. You’ll love watching its runway, which is 1300-foot long and often classified as the world’s shortest commercial runway. This mostly undiscovered island offers you rugged rainforest, hiking centerpieces, volcanic rocks, and diving opportunities.

4: Curacao: Relish the Islands ‘City’ Life

Located around 90 miles from Venezuela, the Curacao islands boasts of one of the liveliest urban centers in the Caribbean.

Willemstad is the capital of this island. Here you can witness Dutch colonial architecture and numerous vibrant buildings including The Handelskade, where you can find shops and galleries lined up on the picturesque streets.

Offering a distinctive Euro-Caribbean experience, this island is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furthermore, Willemstad is home to several intriguing museums. It has a vibrant street art scene and also the Mikve Israel-Emanuel Synagogue, which is one of the oldest continually running Synagogues in the US.

5: Antigua: Find diversity in beaches

While Dominica offers 365 rivers, Antigua boasts of 365 beautiful beaches. You can take one for every day of the year. Imagine how wonderful that would be!

The Half moon bay in the island offers pink crystal sands in seclusion, and the Dickenson Bay draws the attention of sun-seekers with water sports and white sand.

6: Martinique: Island beside a Volcano

Although you might have seen numerous islands around a volcano, Martinique is quite different from the rest. It’s one of the hot spots for French tourists as they can find a taste of Europe in the Caribbean land.

There are rum distilleries in the northern part of the island, where you can taste the Caribbean flavors. Furthermore, you can reach out to Les Troil-Îlets for fine dining and Plage Anse d’Arlet for a picturesque 18th-century church.

7: Puerto Rico: Dancing & Music

If you watch movies or Netflix, you must have heard the name of this island. People love it here for its distinct love for dance and music. That’s the reason why it has garnered love in movies and web series as well.

The island is scenic, offers a pulse-quickening nightlife and a vibrant cocktail scene. With various musical styles such as bomba, plena, décima, salsa, reggaetón, interwoven with distinctive dance steps, you can learn them all when you visit this exquisite island.

8: Bimini, Bahamas: With a history to MLK Jr.

Just 50 miles from Florida, this angel’s paradise is soaked in history. The author Ernest Hemingway and civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr are integral to this place’s past. Bimini in the Bahamas offers a tranquil getaway with some beautiful historical threads.

Bimini is famous for MLK Jr’s frequent visit to the island. It’s alsosaid that he wrote his Nobel Prize acceptance speech on this island. There exists a small Bimini Museum that displays few artifacts related to Hemingway and King.

9: St. Barts: For the luxurious break

Saint Barthelemy, also known as St. Barts was closed a few years back due to the damage done by Hurricane Irma. But it’s been re- opened, and luxury lovers wouldn’t be disappointed while visiting the island.

Eden Rock resort in St. Brats was reopened after a renovation period of two years. The property offers the glamour of the 1950s with 37 rooms, villas, suites and other posh amenities. 

10: Barbados: For the foodies and drinkers

Barbados  offers you the best island cuisine, rum, on a scenic beach!

With sugar cane blowing in central Barbados, it reminds people of its rich rum culture. Tourists can take tours of the distilleries and stop by at any rum shops to enjoy the spirit alongside locals.

Don’t forget to enjoy the flying fish and coucou, the national dish of Barbados, which is made with cornmeal and okra.

That’s our list of top ten surreal islands which are a must visit when touring the Caribbean. If you have any questions or any experiences to share, do let us know!

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