News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Mar. 23, 2020: The number of COVID-19 cases in Latin America has skyrocketed at an alarming rate with the latest News Americas analysis last night showing 5,368 cases.

Brazil continues to lead the region with a whopping 1,924 confirmed cases. Of that number, 378 new cases alone were reported yesterday while there have been 34 deaths.

This came as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was forced on Monday to walk back a decree letting companies suspend pay to workers amid the coronavirus pandemic, following barbs from congressional leaders and rising discontent over his handling of the crisis.

Ecuador has the second highest number of cases with 981. The country added 192 news cases Monday as its death toll stands at 18. The news comes as Finance Minister Richard Martinez said on Monday Ecuador will use a 30-day grace period on some bonds to delay making around $200 million in interest payments due this week, and will devote those funds toward containing the coronavirus outbreak.

Martinez said the government had also reached a deal with the IMF for $500 million in financing, which he said would arrive in April. Ecuador will also receive another $500 million jointly from the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and Latin American lender CAF.

Across Latin America, there have been some 73 deaths so far.

Here’s where the rest of Latin America stands:

Chile – 746 with 114 new cases reported Monday through the country only has 2 deaths.

Peru – 395 cases and 5 deaths.

Panama – 345 cases and 6 deaths

Mexico – 316 cases and three deaths.

Argentina – 301 cases and 4 deaths. 

Colombia – 277 cases and 3 deaths.

Uruguay – 162

Costa Rica – 158 cases and 2 deaths.

Venezuela – 84

Bolivia – 27

Paraguay – 22

Guatemala – 20 and one death

El Salvador – 3

Nicaragua – 2

Honduras – 3

Globally, there are now 378,848 cases and 16,514 deaths.

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