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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 10, 2020: Here are the top stories making Caribbean travel news for July 3, 2020:

These Caribbean countries are Also reopening to international travellers THIS MONTH: Barbados – July 12th Puerto Rico – July 15th Grenada – July 15th Turks & Caicos – July 22nd. All will require a Covid-19 Negative certificate or getting a test at the border for entry.

Over 1,400 new coronavirus cases and 19 New Deaths were reported in the caribbean region Thursday among 9 countries as the region Continues reopening to international travelers.

Avoid non-essential travel continues to be the message from Canadian authorities when it comes to global travel, including travel to the Caribbean.

The Dominican Republic surpassed 40,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and the death toll reached 842 even as the country reopened its borders to tourists and held an elections this week.

The UK has ended quarantine for people arriving in England from more than 50 countries, including Most Of the Caribbean except Haiti, Guyana, Suriname, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Belize.

The Barbados government is considering giving people the chance to relocate to the island and work from there remotely for up to a year.Commercial flights are due to resume to Barbados on July 12. Tests for COVID will be available at the airport free of charge, or for a fee of $150.00 at designated satellite hotel sites.

American Airlines kicked off a major relaunch of service to the Caribbean on Tuesday, resuming flights to a host of reopened destinations across the region.

Secret Bay, Dominica’s exclusive six-star, all villa rainforest resort has earned the #1 spot for resort hotels in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas in this year’s Travel & Leisure’s ‘World’s Best Awards.’

While Guyana is in a months long elections drama, Chef Gordon Ramsay put the spotlight on the country’s cuisine in Uncharted Guyana on Nat Geo this past week. Gordon created a Chicken Pepper Pot dish from the national dish of Guyana.

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