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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 22, 2020: Most Caribbean islands seem to have quashed the curve of COVID-19 and are anxious to reopen their borders to tourists, the lifeblood of their economies, even as strict ‘Do Not Travel’ warnings remain in place from the US, Canadian and UK government and the CDC. But a News Americas analysis shows there are still some10,218 active cases across the region.

The Dominican Republic continues to lead the region still with 5,843 active cases including 113 critical. In total, the island has seen 13,657 cases but 7,366 have recovered while there have been only 488 deaths.

Cuba now has just 225 active cases of the total 1,908 confirmed cases. Some 1,603 have so far recovered from the virus and just 5 remain critical.

Haiti is starting to see its numbers rise daily with 620 active cases as of last night of the total confirmed case load of 663, meaning only 21 people have so far recovered from the virus.

Jamaica, which has said it may reopen its borders to tourists in June, has 349 active cases of a total of 529. That means only 171 of those affected from the virus have recovered to date.

Puerto Rico has 2,805 active cases and 124 deaths.

Meanwhile, other countries that have not seen any cases in day still have active cases.

There are now 100 active cases in French Guiana, of its total 237 case tally while there are still 87 active cases in Martinique of its total 192 cases.

Guadeloupe still has 33 active cases of the total 155, meaning 109 have recovered, while Guyana has 68 active cases of its 125 tally, with 3 listed as critical and 47 recovered.

Bermuda has 36 active cases including 2 critical, while 80 of its 125 tally have so far recovered while Trinidad and Tobago, which has seen 107 of its 116 cases recovered, still have one reported active COVID- case.

Thirteen people in Barbados as still active cases, including 4 who are critical care patients. But so far 70 of the total 90 confirmed cases have recovered.

In Sint Martin, there are still 8 active cases, including 7 critical, But of the of the 77 confirmed cases, 54 have recovered. In Saint Martin, there are just four active cases with 1 critical while 33 of the 40 persons have so far recovered.

Antigua & Barbuda, which seeks to reopen by July still has 3 active cases including 1 critical. But 19 of its 25 confirmed COVID-19 victims have so far recovered.

Grenada, which seeks to reopen to tourists in June has 5 active cases, four of which are critical. But 17 people have so far recovered from the virus of the 22 confirmed cases.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has 4 active cases with 14 of its 18-tally marked as recovered while Curacao, the Turks and Caicos, the BVI and Suriname have just one active case left, respectively.

In Curacao, 14 of its 16 cases have recovered while 6 of the BVI’s 8 cases recovered. Suriname saw 9 people out of 11 cases recovering while the Turks & Caicos saw 10 of its 12 victims of the virus recovering completely.

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