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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 5, 2021: Here are the top stories making Caribbean travel news in 60 seconds for this week ending Nov. 5, 2021:

Americans are being Warned To Reconsider Travel To Jamaica due to COVID-19 And Crime there.

Canada Is Warning Nationals to Exercise A High Degree Of Caution If travelling To The Dominican Republic Due to High Crime Levels there.

Fully Vaccinated Travelers To Martinique Must apply for a French vaccinal passport at In order not To be subject to any travel restrictions Including Quarantine.

AS of Nov. 2nd, travelers can now fly daily from Miami to St. Kitts on American Airlines. These services will continue beyond the holiday peak season with daily flights available until April 2, 2022. Additional flight services will be available during the winter season on American Airlines.

American Airlines will increase its service from Miami to Anguilla to three times a week, starting on January 5, 2022. The new service begins with twice-weekly flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays from Miami International Airport to Anguilla’s Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport on December 11, 2021. As of January 5, a third flight will operate every Monday, on the same flight schedule.

O2 Beach Club & Spa, a new five-star all-inclusive luxury boutique resort, has opened in St Lawrence Gap on the South Coast of Barbados.

And just incase you are wondering About the lowest level COVID-19 countries in the Caribbean, the CDC has identified them as: Montserrat, Saba, St. Barths and Sint Eustatius.

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