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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 12, 2020: Here are the top stories making Caribbean travel news for June 12, 2020:

The number of new coronavirus cases in the Caribbean climbed to 825 Thursday, with the DR, Haiti, French Guiana, Cuba and Guyana all continuing to see new cases.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 surpassed 21,000 in the Dominican Republic this week as its death toll past 560 even as the island gears up to reopen to tourists on July 1st.

While a handful of Caribbean nations and resorts have begun reopening to tourists, Canada and the US are still advising its nationals to avoid non-essential travel outside of the countries and avoid all cruise ship travel until further notice. The UK is warning against all but essential global travel.

Travel to the Caribbean in the Covid-19 era won’t be the same with countries like St. Lucia instituting rigid rules such as passengers presenting certified proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of boarding their flight, to others putting in place temperature screening at airports and the use of face masks on island as well as social distancing.

As Jamaica counts down to the reopening of its borders on June 15th, officials say the new rules to entry will include all visitors being screened via thermal temperature checks and symptom observation. If a temperature is elevated, the visitor will be subject to additional screening, including testing, if needed.

The Caribbean countries set to reopen in July to international travellers are: The Bahamas – July 1st; The Dominican Republic – July 1st; Aruba – July 1 and July 10th for US travelers and Turks & Caicos – July 22, 2020.

Saint Lucia reopened its borders for air travel on June 4th but the island will only begin receiving commercial flights in July.

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