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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 15, 2020: Here are the top stories making news on the Caribbean travelscene for May 15, 2020:

Caribbean countries who have managed to flatten and crush the COVID-19 curve to date, are looking to reopen their islands to inbound tourists this June. Antigua and Barbuda says it will welcome its first international flight on June 4th while Aruba’s government has announced a tentative re-opening of its borders for inbound travel between June 15 and July 1.

But Antigua and Barbuda has announced plans to have tourists undergo rapid COVID-19 testing before boarding their aircraft for entry onto their islands even as the Bahamas and Haiti are considering “virus-free” certificates, to ensure tourists and their own citizens who have traveled abroad are free of the novel coronavirus before entering back into the country.

THe number of Confirmed COVID-19 cases in the Dominican Republic has now past the 11,000 mark as the death toll surpassed 400 this week and the number of new cases there continue to tick upwards daily.

Jamaica continues to see an increase in confirmed coronavirus cases, passing 500 this week, the most for the english-speaking caribbean. Some 57 among those tested positive are children.

Blue Diamond Resorts says Safety-Assured Vacations protocols will be implemented at each of its 47 properties across the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico once it reopens in the covid-19 era.

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