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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 15, 2020: There is so far no slow down of the spread of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic, which continues to see its case and death tally uptick daily.

On Thursday, the country reached a new record at 11,320 confirmed cases and recorded its 422nd death from the virus. With no slow down in sight, the Senate approved President Danilo Medina’s request for a third state of emergency for another 25 days – to be applied from May 18 to June 11, 2020.

This comes as the DR yesterday reported another 124 cases and 13 new deaths as the number of active cases is now at 7,547, with 131 critical. So far, 3,3511 people have recovered from the virus there.

The news also comes as the DR’s Finance Ministry on Monday announced a special issue of internal debt of RD$40 billion (US$727.3 million) to deal with the pandemic. The securities, called COVID-19 economic stimulus emergency bonds, were purchased in equal parts by AFP Crecer, Popular, Reservas and Siembra.


The other Caribbean countries that continue to see upticks are as follows:

Puerto Rico reported 30 new cases Thursday to reach 2,299 confirmed cases. Its death toll also increased by 1 to 114.  

Cuba added 20 more new cases Thursday to reach 1,830 confirmed cases but its death toll stayed at 79.

Jamaica is now at 509 confirmed cases, the most for any English-speaking Caribbean nation. The country, however, only has 9 deaths to death and has seen no new deaths in days.

Haiti – added 15 new cases Thursday to reach 234 but its death toll remained at 18.

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