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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues., Mar. 9, 2021: Two islands in the Caribbean are on the auction block, News Americas has found.

The two are up for auction on Concierge Auctions and bidding opens on March 26th.  

The Bahamian island of St. Andrew’s, also known as Little Ragged Island, is up for sale and is currently listed for $19.5M. It is 730 acres and is both the southernmost and the largest private island in the Bahamas. This island sits at the southernmost end of the Ragged Island chain, a 100-mile string of. Lignum vitae trees and fresh spring drinking water can be found across the island.

St. Andrew’s is also a haven for avid fishermen, with flats that are unparalleled for world-class bone-fishing. Grouper, snapper, barracuda, tuna, and kingfish aplenty. Spectacular snorkeling and sailing are favored local activities. Duncan Town, a small settlement with a robust solar farm and airport, is less than five miles away.

Surrounded by azure ocean waters and fringed with pristine white sand beaches, the island elevation varies from sea level to a hilly 40 feet. The eastern side of the island features deep water access, perfect for large ships to pull up.

Access from Long Island in the Bahamas is quick and easy via boat ride or charter flight to Duncan Town Airport and hop a ten-minute boat ride from the Duncan Town dock to reach St. Andrew’s.

In the Turks & Caicos, east Caicos is up for sale and is listed at $24.9 million. The island is 1,407.84 acre and is considered the next Providenciales. It boasts beachfront, wetlands, woodlands, mangroves, and savannahs that are home to several rare native birds and other fauna.

East Caicos, Turks & Caicos is also up for sale.

Deep water along the northern shore allows opportunity for access by large boat. The closest infrastructure can be found in beautiful South Caicos and its main settlement, Cockburn Harbour, 15 miles away.

Grand Turk, the historic and cultural hub of the Islands, is 30 miles away. Some of the best dives and one of the largest reef systems in the world can be found 30 miles away in Salt Cay.

Glamorous Providenciales, with its suite of luxury hotels and resorts, is 45 miles away. Fly in and out via South Caicos Airport (15 miles), JAGS McCartney International Airport (40 miles), or Providenciales International Airport (45 miles).

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