TRUiC Helps Caribbean Businesses Flourish With New AI Tools


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Aug. 5, 2021: Today, we simply can’t imagine our lives without the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Since its adaptation, AI has helped improve the livelihoods of millions of people in some of the most remote areas in the world. For the island nations in the Caribbean, AI has improved healthcare systems, food security and in the aftermath of the pandemic – AI is giving new hope to Caribbean-owned businesses.

In late 2020, UNESCO in partnership with the Jamaican Broadcasting Commission launched an initiative to help fast track the development and use of artificial intelligence in Caribbean nations. Since the introduction of this initiative in the last few years, AI has been rapidly expanding, transforming traditional businesses and strategizing banking systems.

The current economic and social climate in the Caribbean has drawn in the importance of using AI for small businesses and start-ups. These initiatives, both in the private and governmental sectors can help grow awareness, clientele, customer support, and bring new knowledge to business owners who have for years been isolated from the rest of the developing world.

TRUiC  – The Really Useful Information Company, is an American-based platform, looking to become one of the largest international business platforms for young entrepreneurs and new business owners. TRUiC allows business owners in the Caribbean to make use of its free AI-based tools, to help form, and operate their business successfully.

What are some of the AI tools offered by TRUiC?

These new AI tools offered by TRUiC make it possible for business owners in the Caribbean to understand the complexities of starting a new business, even with limited resources. The tools are all offered for free and can make it easier for these remote business owners to become part of the global AI community.

Business Idea Generator

Looking to start a new business, but not sure what? TRUiC uses data and resources from around the world to help entrepreneurs choose from a wide selection of different business ideas. From low-cost LLCs to remote offices, the business idea generator gives a personalized set of potential business ideas.

Business Name Generator

Having a unique name is an essential part of your business. Deciding what it should be, is difficult, especially with so many laws, and policies involved in the registering process. The business name generator gives Caribbean entrepreneurs hundreds of potential business name ideas. More so, it includes a thorough guideline on how to successfully register and trademark the new business name.

Operating Agreement Tool

The legal aspects of starting and registering a new business can become tedious, and time-consuming. Using the operating agreement tool, TRUiC puts the entrepreneur in control of what type of business they would like to start and register. From an LLC to a C-corp, a plethora of information is offered to entrepreneurs. Additionally, these guidelines include registration form templates, third-party companies that can assist with the formation process, and any additional information.

Logo Generator

In remote countries or isolated islands, having access to a great graphic designer can either be impossible, or expensive. A logo generator tool by TRUiC puts the entrepreneur in the designer seat of their new business logo. The tool also searches through millions of businesses around the world, to ensure your new logo is authentic, and can legally be trademarked.

In the past, we have seen how artificial intelligence can help businesses through means of customer engagement, and online support. But now, TRUiC offers a different perspective on how Caribbean businesses can grow, and become more complacent in an ever-changing economy, and social climate in the post-pandemic world.