Chinese Ride-Hailing Giant Goes up Against Uber In Mexico


News Americas, MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Fri. April 27, 2018: Chinese ride-hailing giant DiDi Chuxing has entered the Mexican market, pitting it against Uber.

The Didi Express service was launched in the city of Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico, which is a robust business and cultural center approximately 60 kilometers west of Mexico City.

For nearly 100 years, taxis have been part of Mexico City’s urban landscape and Mexico City is the first in Latin America to use taxi hailing applications. DiDi’s move puts the company directly in competition with Uber, the world’s largest ride-sharing company.

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Uber driver Sergio Armando Vega said the company takes 25 percent of the fares. As a new player is coming, he said taxi services in the giant Mexican capital could be about to change.

“Some drivers told me that we should all join the Chinese company that will offer a new platform here and which has received good recommendations. They will begin in Toluca and test out the company. Then they will begin here in Mexico City,” said Vega.

DiDi Mexico said they will introduce key product innovations in Latin America, including a real-time SOS system, dynamic safety monitoring, multi-person itinerary sharing, round-the-clock user support, and a multivariable driver rating system.

“Through this program, the company seeks to understand local market conditions and directly experience mobility needs in a major city in the country,” said Didi Mexico in a statement.

Laura Ballesteros, a mobility expert, said the key aim is how to improve taxi services for customers.

“For this city to function best, we not only need new technologies and new competitors, but also that all taxis improve their services. That way customers are the winners,” she said.

The DiDi franchise now provides up to 30 million daily rides for over 450 million passengers and offers flexible work opportunities for over 21 million drivers all over the world. (SOURCE: CCTV)

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