By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 26, 2021: Enough is enough is enough, is enough is enough, is enough. That’s enough!

We are faced with a difficult task Dear Readers – which of these two is WORSE? The good news in a BAD way is you can’t make a wrong choice. They are both TERRIBLE and they must be going, going GONE or we are …

DOOMED to continue SUFFERING for years to come!!! Want to know why government is such a mess? Here are two reasons – Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom. The question is will New Yorkers and Californians finally wise up to them?

As for those ropes above, they have both given themselves enough to hang themselves politically. Thank God if it means SALVATION for the rest of us.

The question is, are Cuomo and Newsom the future of the Democratic Party? I say PRAY they are not.  Both are far too much like Trump. Self-important autocrats addicted to power, who know only too well how to abuse it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is now facing two scandals along with the baggage of a vicious personality and scandalous fund-raising practices. All of this is well connected in various ways. While out in California, hypocrite power hungry Governor Gavin Newsom – call him very TROUBLESOME Newsom – is facing a recall petition that hopefully might – but most likely will not – FREE Californians of his worthless destructive clutches destroying that state.

So, let’s deal with Newsom first and get him out of the way. That is where he belongs, but sadly the odds are stacked against a recall being successful.  Here is how the New York Times portrays Newsom’s predicament …

“California has been upended by the coronavirus. Most of the state is waiting impatiently for vaccinations. Schools in big cities have yet to reopen their classrooms. Prison inmates and international fraud rings may have looted as much as $30 BILLION from the state’s pandemic unemployment insurance program.”

“And then there was that dinner at the French Laundry (one of the most exclusive restaurants on Earth) that the governor attended, barefaced, after telling Californians to stay in and wear masks to avoid spreading the virus.”

The larger issue is obvious – all you need to do is watch this guy on TV over the last year. Welcome to the world of SLICK Gavin, California’s #1 huckster and hypocrite extraordinaire. His contempt for the citizens of his state is impossible to ignore. Their suffering during COVID-19 meaningless to him.

Newsom has only one agenda – what is best for his image. If that means closing down the entire state for months at a time in a misguided illogical unscientific effort to make COVID-19 go away and make him look like a “hero” – OK!

Governor Newsom did not suffer. He was not locked down. Millions of children out of school, many poor and disadvantaged. His BIG paycheck did not stop or his fawning staff. He got more adoring face time in front of the media than he ever got before COVID-19. Why should he not dine at expensive restaurants with the rich and the powerful while others suffer? He is a GOD.

I will not waste too much of your time on Newsom. Sadly, while the recall vote may end up on the ballot in November, barring a miracle or another dinner at French Laundry, it is highly likely the effort to remove Newsom will fail.

Let’s move on to Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, a much more interesting character who has no chance of being recalled, because New York State does not have that useful provision in its constitution. The much better news is Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election next year – in 2022 – and is seeking an OBSCENE 4th consecutive term as Governor of New York.

If not for recent events, Cuomo might as well be crowned New York State’s KING for Life, since he has NO chance of ever being elected President – thank all the Gods.

The only reason he would ever leave the Governor’s Mansion, and with it New York’s DYSFUNCTIONAL one dominant political party state. Cuomo would likely have kept being elected Governor until his New York STATE FUNERAL. It was not farfetched until recently, that Cuomo might have become New York’s EIGHT-term governor.

Andrew Cuomo is the new ultimate Poster Politician for term LIMITS, but the good news is, all of the rest of us may be SAVED from Cuomo for Life. His mishandling of nursing homes during COVID-19 is a very real SCANDAL.

Anyone who does not believe senior citizens DIED – certainly hundreds and probably thousands – because of Cuomo’s actions and inactions are in absurd denial of reality. Cuomo’s pathetic attempt to blame the Trump Administration for HIS decisions concerning nursing homes is just one more example of his devious crafty self-serving personality.

As if that were not enough, this is a DOUBLE Cuomo scandal. It confirms the original scandal Cuomo LIED about – the number of nursing home deaths to various authorities and investigations for one obvious reason, the much higher real number would have confirmed his original malfeasance.

Now I am nether a lawyer or prosecutor, but I know what the term CRIMINAL NEGLECT means – taking specific actions or lack of required action that leads to the death or injury of others even if the purpose of those actions was not specifically intended to cause death or injury, they should have known could.

SURPRISE Cuomo is never going to be charged with CRIMINAL NEGLECT, but it has nothing to do with whether or not he should. He will not because he is too powerful, even if he should be charged.

But there is even more to this SCANDAL. What could possibly possess Cuomo to not give the same attention to nursing homes in the early stages of COVID-19 that he very much did give to hospitals, carefully monitoring them, sending inspectors, doing everything possible to minimize the impact?

You are right; it makes absolutely no sense for Cuomo to do this until you also note two other factors. Cuomo forced through legislation early last year that relieved nursing homes and their executives from any financial liability having to do with nursing home deaths, preventing relatives from ever seeking financial damages in claiming neglect for their loved one’s COVID-19 death.

Now here is the final part of this corrupt puzzle – the nursing home industry is a MAJOR financial contributor to Cuomo’s campaign fund, in which there are almost no restrictions on how much any industry, or any individual can give to Andrew Cuomo and his mega-campaign fund.

Everyone knows Andrew Cuomo is for sale and has been since he first ran for Governor of New York State. Write a big enough check to Cuomo’s campaign fund and you can get almost anything you want that is not blatantly illegal. But NOW the nursing home SCANDAL proves there may not be any limit at all. Will we ever find out this? Might be an even bigger scandal?

And now separately, Cuomo is facing very new charges of sexual harassment, plus his nasty personality and bully boy tactics have been on full display currently.

All of this combined may finally SAVE us and New York State from Andrew Cuomo FOREVER. It is tragic. I can only say MAYBE, but just maybe, Cuomo will finally be vulnerable in the 2022 Democratic Party PRIMARY to become the DEMOCRATIC PARTY candidate for Governor in 2022.

There are various interesting potential candidates who would never have bothered with a hopeless primary against Cuomo BEFORE these SCANDALS who hopefully will have the courage to challenge him next year and have a very decent chance of DETHRONING Andrew Cuomo.

Neither Gavin Newsom or Andrew Cuomo are the FUTURE of the Democratic Party, if the Democratic Party is to have a worthy future.

It may be farfetched to get rid of both, but one will be better than none.

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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