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By NAN Travel Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 11, 2016: Millions are still dejected and depressed over the results of Tuesday Nov. 8th. For those ready to pack their bags and leave for a cost effective destination, here are five places in the Americas that the editors of International Living recommend:

1: Mexico

Ironically, the US President elect slammed Mexico throughout his campaign and has said he will build a wall between the two nations in his first 100 days in office. But IL editors say Mexico is the only place in the world where you can enjoy an affordable overseas retirement, live right on the beach at affordable prices, yet remain within minutes of the U.S. by car.

Its numero uno of places in Latin America that you can move to if the thought of four years of the new President makes you want to puke. Mexico, including areas like Puerto Vallarta, is recommended and you can still enjoy cable TV, high-speed Internet, and modern home appliances or take all of your favorite things without paying import taxes.

2: Panama

panamaPanama comes in as option two on the list. This is a country with First-World infrastructure, high-quality healthcare, tropical beaches, a low cost of living and welcoming people. Plus its Pensionado program offers one of the best retiree benefits programs in the world. Panama City is the most popular expat destination but if you’re more drawn to country living the highland town of Santa Fe is also an option.

3: Costa Rica

costa-ricaComing in at third is Costa Rica, with its lush tropical rain forests and crashing surf on long stretches of white-sand beaches. Costa Rica’s Central Valley, a spot that cradles the country’s thriving capital of San José yet also offers rustic and rural pleasure in abundance, as well as a mild, spring-like climate year-round, has become popular for expats.  If you prefer the beach, try Tamarindo, Costa Rica which on 800 miles of Caribbean and Pacific coastline.

4: Ecuador


The diverse nation of Ecuador comes in at fifth. Ecuador is home to the Galapagos Island, the Amazon basin and the Andes Mountains as well as 937 miles of Pacific coastline and beautiful mainland beaches. Ecuador is drawing a wide range of foreigners: entrepreneurs, travelers, humanitarian workers, foreign officials, diplomats, business people of all stripes, and retirees looking to stretch their budget and experience a different way of life. Many expats are attracted by the country’s less-intrusive government and the tranquility of being removed from the terrorist and antiterrorist campaigns that make headlines in other parts of the world. In Quito and Cuenca, you will find online English-language newspapers and email services that keep expats up-to-date on community events and national news. The expat community is mainly made up of a mix of retirees and those involved in some sort of business. However, more young families are increasingly making Ecuador their home.

5: Colombia

colombiaColombia, located at the northern tip of South America, rounded out the list. The country is hitting its full stride as an expat destination especially with younger people with portable careers, and single men and women who’ve found the ideal place to live or retire increase. Colombia’s past has kept prices down, so ground floor opportunities abound. The property-purchase process is fairly simple, the rules for bringing money into the country have been streamlined, and it’s not hard to obtain a visa and set up residence. Medellín, is blessed with perfect year-round spring-like weather and First World infrastructure and is attracting more and more expats who want to have a great quality of life; amazing natural surroundings; plenty of cultural events; history-filled cities; superb healthcare; friendly people; and a welcoming country with a fantastically low cost of living – some $1,500 a month for a couple, all in.


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