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News Americas, TORONTO, Canada, Fri. Jan. 26, 2018: Hurricane Maria may be now a months old memory but Canada is keeping one Caribbean nation on its travel warning list.

While the nation of Dominica has been removed from the ‘avoid non-essential travel’ category, it has now been dubbed as a nation where you should “exercise extreme caution” if travelling to.

The Canadian government is warning travelers that accommodation options are available but limited and telecommunications systems that were heavily damaged are still not completely restored in some areas.

Reconstruction efforts in Dominica are ongoing with the Douglas–Charles Airport as well as the ferry terminal to Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia now operational. Transportation routes and medical services are functional and electricity has been restored in Roseau and Portsmouth. It is expected that island-wide access to power will be restored by April 2018.

Hurricane Maria swept Dominica as a major hurricane on September 19, 2017 causing significant damage to buildings and infrastructures on the island.

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