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By NAN Lifestyle Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 1, 2016: Haitians are growing in influence across the U.S., having made the country their home since the Haitian Revolution. And as the Haitian culture become more main stream, the taste for Haitian food expands as evidenced by the many reviewers yelping about the cuisine. Here are the top five Haitian restaurants in the U.S. as chosen based on the most positive reviews on Yelp:

1: Tap Tap

Located in South Beach, FL., Tap Tap has the most positive reviews on Yelp, landing it in the top spot on our list. This restaurant offers up an experience with gorgeous murals in colorful shades on every wall as well as on the dining furniture. That’s because Tap Tap is also part art gallery and cultural center.

It was founded in 1994 by Haitian documentary filmmaker Katherine Kean and features authentic Haitian “home cooking” and a dazzling collection of culturally interpretive art by some of the island’s most acclaimed masters.

The food has gotten rave reviews including the Taso Kabrit, which  is fried goat tidbits served with a watercress dipping sauce; Fried Malangga, pumpkin soup, kribish kekoye – shrimp in coconut sauce, stewed goat, fried pork chunks, stewed beef with okra, conch in Creole sauce, stewed chicken, or the exotic spaghetti with herring. House specialties include a whole steamed fish in lime sauce, or deep-fried without a sauce; shrimp in Creole sauce, or shrimp in coconut sauce. Grilled dishes include fresh catch of the day, goat, chicken, conch or spiny lobster. Popular Haitian desserts include sweet potato pie, coconut pudding, and banana fritters.

2: La Caye Restaurant

La Caye Restaurant in Fort Green, Brooklyn, NY took the second spot on our top 5 list. This restaurant that brings authentic Haitian cuisine to the heart of Brooklyn,  is owned by Spencer Province and is perched on the ground floor of what used to be an art gallery directly across from BAM. You will also enjoy live music on Thursdays or at Sunday brunch. Diners rave about the griot (fried pork), fried akra, rara salad, black rice, Poulet La Caye, Lanbi Boukannen, Fuzyon Mayi, Kabrit Boukannen and fritay.

3: Saveur Creole

Located in Montclair, New Jersey, Saveur Creole is getting rave reviews from Yelpers for its savory Creole Haitian food as well as its twists on the traditional and takes the third spot of our list.  This includes the Black rice, Shrimp Étouffée, the Griot Mi Casa which consists of shredded fried pork served with hot pikliz and fried green plantains and the Savory Empanada Collection where you can choose from fillings of Beef, Chicken or crab meat.

4: Highland Creole Cuisine

Highland Creole Cuisine located in Sommerville, MA takes the fourth spot. It  has diners raving about its Haitian caviar as well as rice with green peas with legume (vegetable mix w/beef), goat in creole sauce, or the turkey in creole sauce. The Creole Sampler is a good appetizer choice as it comes with two empanadas, Haitian caviar and some croquette-type pieces. For dessert, try the super-yummy Batata Pudding, doused with rum to get your fix on!

5: Alez Haitian Cuisine

Wrapping up the top five is Alez Haitian Cuisine in Tampa, FL, which is getting top marks for its Fried goat (Tasso cabrit), fried pork and grio, Sauteed red snapper (Pwason Gro sel), and Stewed goat (Cabrit en sauce). This restaurant strives to serve traditional Haitian dishes inspired by enticing island flavors and diners claim it’s almost as if their “grandmothers” cooked the dishes.


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