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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Friday, Mar. 8, 2019: About 300 volunteers and military personnel were on hand at Camp Bullis in San Antonio, searching for Jamaican national Andreen McDonald Thursday.

McDonald, 29, the mother of one autistic child, has remained missing since last week and her husband, Jamaican national US Airforce Major, Andre Sean McDonald, has remained mum with detectives.

Major McDonald, according to Sheriff Javier Salazar, remains jailed on a charge of tampering with evidence and has refused to talk to detectives about what happened to his wife who missing last week after failing to show up for work.

“We are just dismayed by the fact that he wasn’t concerned for the safety of his wife and wasn’t concerned for the welfare of their 6-year-old daughter. That’s the most tragic part here, is ‘do the decent thing and tell us where she is,'” said Sheriff  Salazar.

Investigators searched near the camp after new information revealed that Major McDonald was in the area around the time of her disappearance and had no business at the military post.

Sheriff Salazar say authorities believe the Jamaican immigrant is dead and urged volunteers to look for footprints and tire prints. The U.S. Air Force 502nd Air Base Wing assisted with the search.

The missing woman’s 6-year-old no-verbal autistic daughter is with a family member.

“She’s been asking for mom, and what do you tell her?” lamented Salazar, who added that it’s possible the little girl may have witnessed something.

ABOUT McDonald

Andreen McDonald, 29, is the owner and operator of two assisted living facilities. She emigrated to the United States and attended the University of Texas at San Antonio, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s of science degree in finance.

She is also a certified dementia practitioner and a certified assisted living manager.


Two of her friends grew concerned when she did not show up for work on March 1st. They went to the couple’s home and entered through an unlocked door after not finding her. They noticed blood and hair on a light switch in the bathroom and also saw what appeared to be a recent burn pile in the yard and thought they might have seen the remains of clothing in the ashes.

They alerted police who began a formal investigation.

When police arrived at the house, the found her purse, ID card, keys, and other personal items. in the burn pile in the backyard. The police questioned her husband, Major McDonald about his wife’s whereabouts and he told them she was being treated at Baptist Emergency Hospital but inquiries at the hospital proved that to be untrue.

They searched his car, which contained traces of blood and went on to tail him to a gun shop, where he purchased a weapon and ammunition. However, he was so nervous, that he left without the gun. Later, police spotted a shovel in his car and used that as cause to obtain a new search warrant for the car and his house.

At that time two torn receipts showing the purchase of a shovel, an ax, a hatchet, large garbage bags, gloves, and two 5-gallon gas cans. They found evidence of another burn pile at that time as well. Major McDonald was subsequently arrested for tampering with evidence.

He is being held on $2 million bail.

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