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ICN Founder and CEO Felicia J. Persaud addressing delegates at ICN 2015 in Saint Martin on Sept. 25, 2015. (ICN image)
Government of Saint Martin officials with ICN Founder and the Chinese delegation at Invest Caribbean Now 2015. (ICN image)


Some of the 100 delegates at Invest Caribbean Now 2015. (ICN image)
Hon. President of the Saint Martin Tourism Office, Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool receives a gift from Ms. Yin, Zhijun, Chairman, The Beijing Lao She Teahouse Co., Ltd. at ICN 2015 in Saint Martin. (ICN Image)

News Americas Now, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Sept. 28, 2015: “Creative private – public sector partnerships are the key to improving our nations, our region, our lives and the lives of the people in this Caribbean region.”

That was the advice Invest Caribbean Now CEO and Founder, Felicia J. Persaud, offered to the government of The Collectivité of French Saint Martin and delegates gathered for the fifth edition of ICN 2015 in the French Caribbean isle on September 25, 2015.

The elite invitation only event which featured over a 100 delegates including government officials such as Senator Guillaume Arnell; Hon. Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool, President of the Office of Tourism; Vice-President Of Economic Development Wendel Cocks, harbour developers as well as local stakeholders and over 40 Beijing company executives including Qin, Guoying, Secretary-General of China Women’s Development Foundation, Xiong, Yumei, Executive President of the China Women Tourism Committee, Yaoxing, Zheng, Straits Tourism College of Fujian as well as representatives from China Harbour, Panorama Group, Showland Investment Group Corp. Ltd, Beijing, Bestone Investment Ltd , Henan Yue Xin Co Nationwide Financial Services Inc., Beijing Century Tang Tourism Development Co., Ltd, China’s Low Carbon Tourism Promotion Committee, Beijing Four Seasons Travel Advisory Co., Ltd., China Women Tourism Committee, China Women Development Foundation, was held at the Chamber of Commerce building in Saint Martin.

“We must move beyond petty politics and arrogant perceived power and understand that our growth as an island – and as a region – is tied to relationship building globally – whether in the Caribbean Diaspora, the US, China, Europe, Africa or other areas around the world,” Persaud said. “The competitive nature of the global market place demands such action and we cannot be left behind in 2015. We must think global and act global!”

Her remarks came as Vice President Cocks welcomed delegates to Saint Martin and urged them to consider the island as an investment destination. While President of the Office of Tourism Rogers-Vanterpool outlined several investment opportunities including the Marigot Bay Development Project and other tourism related opportunities that fall within the Marigot Revitalization project such as luxury hotels, boutique hotels and spa facilities.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman And Secretary General Of China Qin, Guo Ying cited the impact of tourism on women’s economic development while Executive President of China Women Tourism Yaoxing Zheng offered insights into examples of how tourism can be used to develop the lives of women in rural villages globally.

The 2015 event was presented by the Government of the Collectivité of French Saint-Martin, The Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin and executives at Invest Caribbean Now (ICN), in collaboration with the Sino-American Friendship Association, the Chinese American Business Development Center of New York, the St-Martin Harbor, Hard Beat Communications, One Caribbean Television, the St. Maarten Chinese Association, CaribPRWire and News Americas Now.


The Collectivité of French Saint Martin is located in the northeast Caribbean, approximately 300 km (190 mi) southeast of Puerto Rico and shares the 37 square mile island with Sint Maarten, a country within the Dutch Kingdom. The Collectivité offers low rates of taxation for investors; exemption from property tax for five years for new commercial premises and reduced transfer tax on the acquisition of land for the purposes of priority activities.


Invest Caribbean Now (ICN) is the definitive private sector investment agency of the Caribbean. It is based in America’s financial capital of the world, New York City. Now in its fifth year, ICN is the brainchild of Caribbean-born media entrepreneur, Felicia J. Persaud and is owned by Hard Beat Communications, Inc.

Invest Caribbean Now promotes and pushes for the right investment opportunities in the Caribbean region; offers a concierge service for high end investors seeking to make the right connection with key opportunities, governments and other parties in any Caribbean destination and connects small entrepreneurs in the Diaspora with SME micro loans.

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