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London-born April Jackson is on the BBC’s Apprentice.

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Oct. 15, 2015: The UK’s version of ‘The Apprentice’ got underway last night on the BBC with Lord Alan Sugar at the helm not Donald Trump and a Jamaican former beauty queen among the cast of contenders hoping to win the show.

London-born April Jackson, is a former Miss Jamaica Universe from 2008.  She now owns a Jamaican boutique as well as an event management company and a children’s charity.

Jackson, 26, is hoping to win the BBC series after wowing at her audition.

“I was Miss Jamaica Universe – there’s only a few of us,” she said. “Clearly, that makes me special.”

Looking over her achievements, she believes the skills needed to succeed in business are very similar to those required for beauty pageants.

“I appreciate The Apprentice is very different from a beauty pageant but there are lots of similarities,” she added. “They are both really competitive – I mean, in my year there were 81 other contestants.

Last night The Apprentices first task – off to London’s Billingsgate fish market.

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