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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Dec. 29, 2020: If there is one business that has thrived this year, it is definitely the E-Sports market.  As the coronavirus plunged up all of us, all sporting events were put at a halt and the rest is still history. According to, many operators saw a huge uplift in their E-Sports figures, and hence made sure to create, market and launch E-Sports campaigns to support the demand.  The knowledge of E-Sports was never as powerful as marketing traditional sporting events, hence operators needed to get up to speed and fast.

A new thriving gambling market has been growing through the years, and we all look at the Latin American (LATAM) market as the future of gaming. Albeit, growing LATAM gaming has always held the reputation of having a blurry regulation, one that definitely needs returning especially in the world of esports gambling. Truth is, with the growing demand for esports betting, Latin America needs to work harder to give us a better regulation for esports regulations.  This is definitely underway, with laws being drawn and discussed, however, there is still a long way to go.

Today, we talk about the LATAM market in relation to it being a thriving gambling market that is still going through a growth spurt. E-Sports wagering needs a better regulation in Latin America, something that operators everywhere have expressed deeply.

LATAM’s regulations have always been deemed as a grey area.  When we talk about sports betting, we all know that it does happen, even though a license is sometimes not available, hence not monitored as much as casino gambling is. The stress of a lack of regulation is always felt by operators, and this prevents them from operating a bookmaker operation successfully. This factor has prevented operators from opening shops, planning business and market products in the Latin American. Many have called upon the local enforcement government to start working on developing a sports and E-Sports betting framework, a much needed measure to further grow the sports betting world.

There are many factors that have contributed to the delay of launching new laws around sports betting. For starters, all government bodies have been embodied in the ongoing battle of tackling the coronavirus. On the other hand, with the closure of all land-based casinos worldwide to contain the virus spread, have seen many Latin America operators begging the government to act, and act quickly if businesses want to be saved.  Afterall, many land-based sites that have suffered due to the world pandemic were hoping to launch an online proposition, and the only answer to save all businesses is definitely esports. Chile, Mexico and beyond, have all suffered the consequences of having land-based casinos closed, a notion that is mirrored in the US, with the lack of online gambling legislation in place.

Different countries across Latin America would target to support a vast array of esports if the legislation is properly in place. CS:Go in Brazil, Dota 2 in Colombia and even League of Legends in Mexico are some of the games that would thrive.  Hence LATAM based bookmakers are calling on having a solid regulation that will fit all the esports games within their respective countries of operation. Still, it is always up to the operators, to create buzz around a particular game, and hence the demand would definitely grow with better marketing strategies.

Esports has always been more powerful in European markets such as Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom, and it is safe to say that the steady growth is noticeable, yet the LATAM market still needs growth. Many studies and survey show that in 2019, the esports market tallied to 9.2 million fans, gaining LATAM the 3rd spot in esports gaming popularity. This has seen a growth from 17.5% to 19.5% year on year. This generated a 32Million in gaming revenue, which is quite sizable.

If we break down the countries that compose the LATAM market, Chile is big when it comes to retail gambling, and has recorded a great increase in esports betting lately.  The team behind firmly believe that the growth will see a further increase, and will eventually surpass the land based gambling scene that Chile enjoys.

Puerto Rico on the other hand managed to make sports betting legal, and partnered up with the Gaming Laboratories International to further its stance on sports and esports gambling. The new regulations allow wagering on esports to take place, and these new legislations saw wagering on sports, especially on esports double in figures.

We cannot speak about the LATAM gambling market without talking about Brazil. The country has a dense population of 200 million people, with a substantial portion of the people loving gambling. Brazil has been working hard or having regulations surrounding sports and esports betting. This was due to come into effect from 2020, but just like other countries, the pandemic took all the focus, with sports betting potentially coming into force legally sometime in 2021. 2021 will be a great year, hopefully, and this is the reason why sports betting bookies have all their eyes on the LATAM market.  Once regulations are in place, we should expect to see growth in the numbers of online sports bookmakers opening shops and this making the LATAM market a more competitive one. Anticipation and hype are of course also increasing as the days and months go by.

Let not forget that Brazil is a country where Counter Strike E-Sport is regarded as religion.  The marketing on social media about this E-Sport event is always growing, and Twitter presence is always there to remind the Brazilians of what it is to truly love an E-Sport. If we take a closer look at online sportsbook and bookie Rivalry, their strategy is intense, and has had a significant presence throughout Latin America.  Once more regulations and governance exist in Latin America, companies like Rivalry will strive further in such a growing market, and the gambler will be able to benefit from lucrative marketing campaigns. Rivalry believes in a notion of customer first and bringing the

More Companies Are Following Rivalry

If you thought that Rivalry is the only betting company that is placing their money in the LATAM market, you are wrong. Other companies have followed suit and opted to invest in this market. We have massive companies such as Betway, Bet365 and even BetCris are just some of the names that have built a home here, with many expected to follow suit when a more robust legal framework is available. With many companies investing here, it is only a matter of time that the esports market will flourish.

With new prosper and new investment comes a wish for investing further in the platforms that operate esports.  Whilst with actual sporting events, you are presented with a panel with odds, the esports market is just a different niche. Here operators would need to get creative to offer the product in an attractive fashion. The key to all of this stems to employ an authentic brand, an authentic marketing campaign, and ultimately esports offers that will engage bettors. The sports betting target needs to become the target to grow the esports market, and this takes skill, crm campaigns and offers that will see the gambler come back or more.

As stress, the Latin American E-Sports scene is still growing, yet it is the one market that offers an immense amount of potential. One of the biggest hurdles that bookmakers will face is to market and brand esports beyond the shores of Brazil. Esports has always been regarded as a budding market, one that needs to cease the opportunity to further its reach and fandom between gamblers across the world, specifically in Latin America, (LATAM). If there is one time that the expansion of esports should take place, it is definitely today. 

With a growing pandemic around us all, sporting events might be cancelled further, all of this as countries across the globe impose lockdowns and further mitigation measures. Wagering on esports is set to become the same fun as you bet on your weekend football match, or that annual massive main boxing event.  We might still be a bit far away from enjoying this in the LATAM market. Yet, we promise you, it is coming, and when it does land, Latin America will enjoy E-Sports just like we all do today. And winnings are always guaranteed if you are a returning player.

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