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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 22, 2020: The death toll in Latin America from the novel coronavirus continues to rise with the number nearing 34,000 Thursday according to a News Americas analysis.

The exact total reached 33,929 Thursday, with Brazil leading the region for most deaths at over 20,000 deaths or 20,047 to be exact Thursday, the sixth highest globally. The Latin American giant reported another 254 deaths Thursday as it inched closer to the 20,000 mark.

Behind in the second spot for highest number of deaths in the region is Mexico which reported 6,090 as of Thursday. Peru has the third highest death toll in the region with 3,148 while Ecuador is at fourth with 2,939.

Costa Rica has the lowest number of reported deaths in the region with 10 along with Venezuela.

The death toll across the region is now at 28,753.

Here’s where the rest of the region stood as of last night:

Colombia – 643 deaths.

Chile – 589 deaths.

Argentina – 416 deaths.

Panama – 287 deaths.

Bolivia – 199 deaths

Honduras – 151 deaths.

Guatemala – 45 deaths.

El Salvador – 32 deaths.

Uruguay – 20 deaths.

Nicaragua – 17

Paraguay –11 deaths

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