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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. April 7, 2020: Latin America now has over 32,000 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and over 1,100 have so far died from the disease across the region, a News Americas tally has found.

The latest tally based on updated data released Monday show the Latin American region now has 32, 395 cases as of last night. The death toll at press time was 1,184.

Brazil leads the region with 12,161 cases, making it the 15th country in the world with the most cases of the virus to date, more than Portugal and South Korea. The county has, however, reported 564 death even though its recovery rate so far is far lower at 127 to date. Brazil added 907 cases yesterday as its infection numbers continue to uptick, and the number of the dead jumped by 78 Monday.

Chile has the second highest number of cases in the region with 4,815 but its death toll is put at just 37.

Ecuador which has reported 191 deaths as its mortuaries struggle to keep up, has the third largest number of cases in the region with 3,747.

Here’s where the other countries in Latin America stack up:

Peru – 2,561 cases and 92 deaths.

Mexico – 2,143 cases and 94 deaths

Panama – 1,988 cases and 54 deaths

Colombia – 1,579 cases and 46 deaths

Argentina – 1,554 cases and 48 deaths

Costa Rica – 467 cases and 2 deaths

Uruguay – 406 cases and 6 deaths

Honduras – 298 cases and 22 deaths

Bolivia – 183 cases and 11 deaths

Venezuela – 165 cases and 7 deaths

El Salvador – 69 cases and 4 deaths

Nicaragua – 6 cases and 1 death.

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