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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. June 10, 2020: Over 21,000 new coronavirus cases were reported in Latin America Tuesday, a News Americas analysis has found.

Brazil, which has the second highest cases in the world, added another 8,562 new cases to carry its tally to 719,449. The death toll rose to 37,840 as the country added 528 new deaths yesterday. The news comes as Brazil restored detailed COVID-19 data to the official national website, following a scandal about the removal of cumulative totals and a ruling by a Supreme Court justice that the full set of information be reinstated.

Peru added 4,040 new cases to move to 203,736 while its death toll increased by 167 to 5,738 as Chile saw its new case load increase by 3,913 to 142,759 cases. Its death toll is now at 2,283 after it jumped by 19 Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Mexico added 2,999 new cases Tuesday to move to 120,102 confirmed cases as its death tally jumped by 354 to 14,053.

Here’s where other nations stood as of Tuesday:

Ecuador – added 539 new cases to increase its tally to 43,917 as its death total moved by 48 to 3,690.

Bolivia – added 306 cases to reach 13,949 as its death toll moved by 10 to 475.

Guatemala – added 447 cases to jump to 7,502 as its death tally increased by 15 to 267.

Honduras reached 6,450 cases after jumping by 123 as its death tally reached 262 after increasing by four more deaths Tuesday.

El Salvador added 87 new cases to reach 3,191 cases as its death toll reached 58 yesterday with three new deaths.

Costa Rica’s confirmed cases reached 1,375 yesterday as its death total jumped by 1 to 11.

Paraguay added 42 new cases Tuesday to reach 1,187 confirmed cases.

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