Legality Issues of Latin American Online Gambling in 2021


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 21, 2021: The modern casino market grows and develops all the time. Countries, where such a sphere is legal, are prospering due to the massive income that casinos contribute to the national treasury. Latin America is an area where the question of casino legality depends on the countries’ government policy. Generally speaking, gambling in Latin America suffers from the lack of legislative basis — most laws are not сlear and local authorities have to solve various issues that concern casinos at their discretion.

Now we are going to analyze and reveal what’s happening in the casino industry of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and other countries of Latin America.

Mexican Casinos — Are They Allowed?

In this country, the gaming market is regulated by the Gambling and Raffles Bureau (Dirección General de Juegos y Sorteos), an organization that checks and controls casinos to meet all the requirements. Brick-and-mortar casinos are a tidbit for players from overseas — many tourists come to Mexico to have some fun in land-based casino houses.

Online gambling is also developing but it is not as well-regulated as the offline segment in the country. There are only a few sites offering trusted gambling services in Mexico. For example, a list of casinos online for UK players is growing every year but we cannot say the same about Mexican casino sites. Anyway, despite the fact that online gambling is unregulated and just growing, betting online is allowed in Mexico. Now in the capital of the country, some casinos and betting halls accept players again after a long quarantine. The permit was issued by the Mexican capital’s government due to a decrease in the number of Covid-19 cases detected.

Argentina — Only Local Regulations

The country is the second economy among the countries of Latin America. All the regulations of online gambling are controlled by local authorities of provinces. Argentina is divided into 34 provinces and each of them has its own legislation. Online gambling is legal but to get a license every casino site must contact local authorities. The annual income from gaming businesses is $2.4 billion and this is a pretty profitable contribution to the country’s treasury.

Brazil — Legal Access to Betting

The gaming business in this country is almost forbidden. However, the betting sector is still legal and develops rashly. At the same time, despite the ban on gambling services, a lot of Brazilians keep gambling in unregulated houses costing millions of dollars each year. Moreover, if local players want to gamble they visit the neighboring Uruguay where land-based casinos are not prohibited. To be honest, Brazil loses a lot of money forbidding this entertainment — the income from taxes could be really huge.

Safest Uruguayan Gambling Under Government Check

In comparison to most Latin American countries, gambling is legal in Uruguay. The development of this industry in the country has faced neither religious nor political prejudice. A regulated gambling market has been operating in Uruguay for more than a century. People are allowed to enjoy all kinds of gambling services including casino table games, slots, sports betting, and lotteries.

Online casino games are permitted to be played as well. By the way, unlicensed casinos are strictly prohibited in the country according to the law adopted by the president of the country in January 2018. Now the National Directorate for Inspection of Betting and Gambling Games regulates the casino activities in the country.

Chile — Prospects of Legality Come Soon

In 2021, the government of Chile, namely the Ministry of Finance of the country plans to finalise a law that will make online gambling legal. The document should regulate online betting and online casinos. We must admit this is a great step for the country’s well-being. First, all operators will be under the control of local authorities. And second, the treasury will get some profit.

As we see, after all the overviews from above of the article, the market of casino sphere in countries of Latin America is developing and in future it can become a really prosperous and high-quality gaming area for customers from all over the world.