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By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 28, 2020: Over 75,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported across Latin America Thursday even as the number of new deaths across the region was put at nearly 2,400, a News Americas tally found.

This brings the number of total deaths across the region to almost 266,000 and the number of cases to date to almost 6.1 million to date.

Brazil continues to be the epicenter of Latin America with also the second most infections globally after the United States. The South American giant now has over 3.7 million cases to coronavirus while over 118,000 have died from the virus. Yesterday, it added almost 43,000 new cases while reporting 970 new deaths.

Mexico reported the second most deaths in the region Thursday, adding 626 to send its death tally to 62,076 to date. The country also has the fourth highest number of cases in the region and 8th globally, with 573,888 as it added another 5,267 cases yesterday.

But it is Peru and Colombia that hold the second and third spots for the most cases in Latin America and the 6ht and 7th on the global scale. Still Peru has managed to control its crisis, reporting no new cases or deaths as of Thursday while Colombia added 9,752 new cases to reach a total of 582,022 and 284 new deaths pushed its death toll up to 18,468.

Argentina also is the throes of the pandemic, adding another 10,104 new cases Thursday to reach 380,292 cases while sending its death toll to 8,050 after reporting 211 new deaths. The nation is now the 11th country globally with the most cases and the sixth in Latin America.

Chile has 404,102 cases in total to hold the 5th spot in Latin America and the 10th globally. But on Thursday it reported only 1,737 new cases and 82 deaths as its death total ticked up to 11,072.

Bolivia, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras also all added new cases Thursday but none were reported for Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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