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News Americas,  NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 13, 2019: Here are the top stories making news from across Latin America for the week-ending Sept. 13, 2019:

Democratic Presidential Candidate Julian Castro says under his administration he will put more emphasis on US relationships with Latin America if he becomes president.

Latin America is home to about 8% of the world’s population but has about one-third of its homicides — in 2016, that meant some 400 homicides a day, or roughly 146,000 a year.

El Salvador’s government will deploy at least 800 police to its borders with Honduras and Guatemala in a bid to thwart U.S.-bound migrants.

Mexico is poised to benefit as China and the United States engage in a protracted trade war according to a senior vice president for international policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Venezuela ex-general, Hugo Carvajal, is fights extradition to the US saying Washington is fabricating drug-trafficking charges in its extradition request.

After spending more than a year in custody, Orlando Tercero is is being charged there with the crime of femicide in Nicaragua for the death of Binghamton University nursing student Haley Anderson.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, currently in hospital recovering from a hernia operation, hopes to resume presidential duties today.

Bolivia’s selection committee has opted to submit Rodrigo Bellott’s gay drama, “Tu Me Manques” to vie for the International Feature Film Academy Award.

AirBnb in Costa Rica will now be taxed and regulated under a new law there.

Ecuador president Lenin Moreno has revealed plans for the country to put forward a joint bid with Colombia and Peru to stage the 2030 Fifa World Cup.

And Sol Perez, Argentina’s ‘sexiest weather girl,’ had a wardrobe malfunction of sorts at a recent awards ceremony after an awards show presenter tugged her dress and inadvertently exposed her nether regions.

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