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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. June 4, 2020: The number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in most Latin American countries continues to rise steadily daily, with a News Americas analysis counting over a million cases regionwide as of yesterday.

The exact total was 1,086,065, almost 1.1 million across the region with over 17,000 new cases added Wednesday alone and nearly 900 deaths.

Of that number, Brazil, the largest country in both Latin and South America, accounts for over half with 560,737 confirmed cases, the second highest in the world and just below the United States. Brazil’s death toll reached 31,417 Wednesday, now the fourth highest globally.

Peru is also seeing a steady increase, now reaching 178,914 cases, the second highest in Latin America and the 9th highest globally, as its death toll near 5,000 at 4,894.

Chile now has the region’s third highest cases and the 13th highest in the world at 113,628. Its death tally reached 1,275 Wednesday.

In Mexico Wednesday, the case tally shot up by over 3,800 to reach 97,326 as the death total reached 10,637.

Here’s where the rest of the region stands:

Bolivia – 10,991 cases and 376 deaths

Guatemala – 5,586 cases and 123 deaths.

Honduras – 5,527 cases and 225 deaths

El Salvador – 2,705 cases and 49 deaths

Costa Rica – 1,157 cases and 10 deaths

Paraguay – 1,070 cases and 11 deaths

Meanwhile, these countries reported no new cases and deaths Wednesday. They are:

Ecuador – stayed at 40,414 cases and 3,438 deaths.

Colombia – stayed at 31,833  cases and 1,009 deaths.

Argentina – stayed at 18,319 cases and 570 deaths.

Panama – stayed at 14,095 cases and 352

Venezuela – 1,819 cases and 18 deaths

Nicaragua – 1,118 cases and 46 deaths

Uruguay- 826 cases and 23 deaths

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This Latin American Nation Now Has Over Half-A-Million Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

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