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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY,  Fri. May 6, 2016: Ever wondered about the number of Latin American users of Facebook? Here are the nations with the most nationals from South and Central America on Facebook, according to the latest data from Internet World Stats.

1: Brazil

The South American giant of Brazil topped the list with over 103 million out of its 117 million Internet users on social media site Facebook. That’s a 50.4 percent penetration rate.

2: Mexico

With 60,000,000 Internet, users all of whom are also reportedly on Facebook, Mexico has the second most users of the social media site across Latin America.

3: Argentina

Out of over 34 million Internet users across Argentina, a whopping 27,000,000 are Facebook users, giving the social media site a 62.2 percent penetration rate in the country famous for the Tango.

4: Colombia

Out of 28,475,560 Internet users, 24 million are on Facebook giving the social media site a 49.8 percent penetration rate in Colombia.

5: Peru

In Peru, 16,000,000 of its population are on Facebook. That is all reportedly of its Internet users.

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6: Venezuela

The now struggling nation of Venezuela has 12 million Facebook users out of its 16,276,611 Internet users, giving the social media site a 45.4 percent penetration rate in this South American nation.

7: Chile

Out of over 12.6 million Internet users in Chile a whopping 11,000,000 are on Facebook.

8: Ecuador

Taking the 8th spot overall is Ecuador with 8.7 million people on Facebook. That’s 54.8 percent of its 13.4 million Internet users.

9: Guatemala

Guatemala’s Facebook users are put at 4.7 million, landing the country in the ninth spot on this list. That’s reportedly all of its estimated Internet users across the country.

10: Bolivia

Bolivia rounds out the top ten with 3.8 million Facebook users out of 4.2 million Internet users nationally.

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