Best Dating Sites And Apps In 2020


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 10, 2020: Public opinion about the effectiveness of using dating sites has changed dramatically over the past decade: from the category of “whim”, this way of dating has moved and is firmly entrenched in the “necessary and useful” section. You are looking for new friends or a soul mate, but due to a busy working schedule and intense eventful life, you can not find time for such a search. It doesn’t matter, an incredible number of mobile dating apps over the past five years have appeared.

TOP 3: Rating of the Best Sites and Applications for Dating

1.   Galaxy — Chat, Dating

A long-lived project with a large and diverse audience. Acquaintance with Ukrainian brides occurs in the form of the game: a character is registered and communication takes place on his behalf. The general chat is visible to everyone, and you need to create a separate channel for a private conversation. Opportunities for communication strongly depend on the real money invested in the project. They increase the authority of a person in the game environment and this parameter is not an ephemeral concept: for example, only a character with the rank “Master of the Galaxy” can send private messages.

Expert evaluation of the application (rated on a five-point scale):

  • Functionality: 4.5
  • Usability: 4.2
  • Reliability of the program: 4.3
  • Security level: 3.2

Advantages of the application:

  • Colorful, eye-friendly interface;
  • Many real people;
  • A variety of opportunities.


  • Most features are paid.

2.   MyFriends

MyFriends application captivates with its simple use, concise design and real utility of its internal functionality. The program combines the capabilities of social networks, photo services, and messengers. Initial registration, due to integration with the most famous social networks, passes in a few minutes. The app was created to search for like-minded people, friends, or similar-minded communities.

Expert evaluation of the application:

  • Functionality: 4.7
  • Usability: 4.8
  • Reliability of the program: 4.2
  • Security level: 3.4


  • A variety of internal functionality;
  • Ease of registration and use;
  • Implementation of several interesting and useful people search systems.


  • Minimal settings of the account personalization.

3.   Chocolate

The main purpose of this site is to find people for serious personal relationships or short-term pastime. When registering, you have to fill out a large personal questionnaire containing numerous small but important details: for example, information about personal transport and the availability of your own meeting place. The security system is implemented efficiently, therefore, theft of personal data is almost impossible.

Expert evaluation of the application:

  • Functionality: 3.9
  • Usability: 4.2
  • Program reliability: 4.1
  • Security level: 4.1


  • Convenient interface;
  • Anonymity;
  • Ability to quickly delete a profile.


  • Compared to other portals, there are a few users;
  • Bots are common.

The modern reality is extremely ambiguous. Searching for a good girl is getting harder. To find a suitable girl for living together, you need to seriously try. Many will agree that the Internet is the ideal place to find a partner.