Man Kills Roomate For Being Noisy

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NYPD crime scene detectives searching a garage at 3395 Nostrand Ave, in Brooklyn, New York, Wednesday April 4, 2012, where a tenant was killed & dismembered by his roommate for being a ‘noisy’ roommate, police sources say around March 25, 2012. A Brooklyn man has confessed to killing and chopping up his roommate because he was too noisy, police sources said Wednesday April 4, 2012. Cops raided Sergey Mamontov’s Sheepshead Bay apartment at 3395, Nostrand Ave, in Brooklyn, NY, Tuesday April 3, 2012, after getting a tip that his roommate was missing. Police went to the man’s fourth-floor apartment and found Mamontov, 50, at home watching TV in the living room with the dismembered remains of the victim, his roommate, mixed with bleach in the fridge.
Photo: Hayden Roger Celestin