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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Dec. 15, 2020: CBD oil is used for a variety of physical and mental health issues and there are lots of different ways it can be used. It is not the case that one method is better than another, as different people will find different methods more effective or suited to their lifestyle. For example, some people want to be able to take it when they are out in public, while for others, it is more important that it is as fast-acting as possible.

Here are 7 of the most effective ways to take CBD oil to help you decide which is best for you.

1: Smoking

This is the quickest way to feel the effects. CBD oil can be smoked either by dabbing with a dab pen or dab rig or by rolling the dried hemp into a joint. Dabbing produces a vapor through convective heating, rather than burning, which can be easier and safer. Smoking CBD oil in a joint is popular with people who want a portable form of CBD without batteries or assembly.

2: Swallowing a capsule

One of the most popular ways to take CBD oil for beginners is by swallowing a capsule. It looks like a pill or gel pessary which is easy to carry with you and can be swallowed discreetly. Capsules contain a pre-measured quantity of CBD which can also make it easier to manage your dosage.

3: Placing CBD droplets under the tongue

CBD oil tinctures are small bottles of oil with a dropper attached to the lid. All you need to do is drop the oil under the tongue which means it acts very quickly, but it can taste bitter. There are lots of oils on the market in a range of strengths and flavors.

4: Vaporizing CBD

CBD can be turned into a vapor through a vape pen which you can take wherever you go, or a desktop vaporizer at home. Many people use vape pens or e-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking cigarettes. Inhaling CBD this way is fast-acting.

5: Consuming CBD oil edibles

CBD edibles are like the CBD capsules in that they contain a pre-measured dose, but they taste good so can be chewed like a candy. You can always keep CBD edibles on you and take one when you need it without drawing attention to what you are doing. CBD gummies are a popular form, but there are lots of options on the market. CBD taken in this form takes longer to have an impact on the body, but it lasts longer.

6: Mix CBD with food and/or drink

CBD oil can be mixed in with your favorite food and drink very easily. You can bake it into sweet treats like cookies or brownies or add it to savory sauces or dishes. Click here for some CBD recipe ideas. You can also add CBD to hot or cold drinks, but it does not mix with water well so you may need to buy a CBD product which is water-soluble or mix it well and drink quickly.

7: Apply CBD as a skin cream

CBD lotions, creams, oils, and moisturizers can be rubbed into the skin either for beauty, reducing inflammation, or pain relief. This is ideal for people who want to use CBD for something very particular and do not want to ingest it.

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