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News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Mar. 23, 2018: Jamaica, long known as the “ganja capital” of the world, now has its first legal retailer of the precious herb.

Kaya Farms in Drax Hall, St. Ann, opened its doors officially on the north coast of Jamaica on March 10th, according to the Jamaica Observer and features a café, lounge, juice bar, and an herb house that offers flowers and concentrates for sale.

Kaya Farms is a member of a family of companies that includes Kaya Herbhouse, which provide various marijuana for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Chairman and chief ganja officer, Balram Vaswani, said its been “an arduous journey for all involved in making this dream a reality.” Vaswani said he spent about two years trying to get the license and only received a dispensary license in January this year.


The company sells heirloom award-winning strains that include Goldenback Gorilla, Jamaican Skunk, Mangonani, and Sting-a-Ling. Prices at Kaya are approximately US$5.00 per gram.

Regulations from the Jamaica Cannabis Licensing Authority allow for the sale and use of marijuana in limited quantities and for specific reasons, namely, in accordance with the written recommendation or prescription of a registered medical practitioner, for consumption on the premises or for the provision of therapeutic services utilizing ganja.


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