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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 22, 2022: While the United States and Europe continue to support cannabis growth, Latin America is just getting started. Many nations have legalized medical marijuana and have recently released regulations for the industry. These regulations govern cultivation, importation, and distribution, and fall under the management of the National Seed Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture. 

Chile and Uruguay have legalized medical marijuana. Both countries plan to legalize marijuana in the near future. This may include the cultivation of Grandaddy Bruce Feminized Seeds and other well-known strains from this site for both medical and recreational use..

The two countries’ public health institutes are educating the public about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and developing high-quality crops. For the rest of Latin America, cannabis law is still not fully legal in any country.

Further, those regulations are an important step towards fostering a thriving cannabis industry in Latin America. It may not be enough, and more needs to be done.

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