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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 2, 2021: Here are the cannabis headlines making marijuana news globally and in the Caribbean and Latin America for today, July 2, 2021 in 60 seconds:

Rapper and weed evangelist Fetty Wap is the new face of Grow House, a digital ecosystem bringing together cannabis, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Clarence Thomas, one of the Us Supreme Court’s most conservative justices, said Monday that because of the hodgepodge of federal policies on marijuana, federal laws against its use or cultivation may no longer make sense.

Mexico’s supreme court this week decriminalized recreational use of cannabis. The decisive 8-3 ruling comes after advocates pushed for decriminalization as a means to reduce drug-fueled cartel violence in the country.

The CBD-infused Products Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 45.6% from 2021 to 2028, to reach $216.8 billion by 202 according to Meticulous Research.

Cannabis legalization has become an election campaign issue in Germany, With four of the six parties currently represented in the Bundestag, the German parliament, saying they are committed to backing an end to the prohibition policy.

The Jamaica Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) is reporting an increased demand and has been issuing export permits to territories as far away as Australia and Germany,

Chef Nikki Steward, who toured with DJ Khaled, Has Become The Go-To Chef For Celebrity Cannabis Dinners.

Investors seeking to enter the Barbados Cannabis Sector now have it easy with all the services needed under one roof being services by Invest Caribbean and Ritzury at

And Three cannabis stocks to look for this week are: AFC Gamma’s (NASDAQ:AFCG); Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR) and Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE:IIPR).

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