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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Dec. 7, 2020: Pet owners may have heard about CBD oil’s therapeutic benefits, and they are wondering where to get this product. A lot of options are in the market today, but one can find more convenience in an online shop.

If you decide to buy CBD oil for your canine, choose a high-quality and lab-tested product that was derived from domestic hemp. This is the hemp that is locally and legally grown in the United States, and it supports health and wellness in many pets.

Facts to Know About CBD Oil

1. You don’t need to have a vet’s prescription when buying medical marijuana for your canine. Many manufacturers today of CBD oil for dogs have gotten their hemp from local farms in Colorado, California, Washington, and many other states. You may ask your vet for advice, though, and make sure that the supplement is not going incompatible with the medication that your pet may be taking.

2. A bottle of oil is not psychoactive. This means that your pet will continue to be perfectly fine even if you administer the tincture for weeks. The cannabinoids will not make your beagle or Labrador high. Instead, the product will produce a calming effect on them, and they can sleep better at night.

3. The product is legal throughout the US and in many other countries worldwide. You can purchase the bottles exclusively made for dogs online, and you can consume them legally.

Is Cannabidiol for your Pet?

CBD or any cannabinoids that can be ingested by animals are meant to be food supplements. In general, they are safe for pet consumption and they don’t have any side effects. As with any supplements out there, it’s still best to consult the veterinarian to see if a particular product is the best choice for your canine. This is a must if your dog is taking medications for other medical conditions like arthritis or cancer.

Know that not all products were created equally. You need to look for trustworthy stores out there that will give you more information about the cannabidiol available. Ensure that they were certified by third-party laboratories and see if they can give you a list of ingredients. Additionally, you may want to do some little research about what their previous customers are telling them through feedback and forums.

Knowing When a Store is Trustworthy

You may not be able to find CBD products on giant e-commerce sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. This is because the FDA hasn’t yet regulated cannabidiol for people and pets. Fortunately, there are a lot of brick-and-mortar shops and websites that specialize in selling CBD. However, you may want to have evaluation criteria to ensure that you are getting a high-quality product from a legitimate shop.

Access to Laboratory Results

First, look for laboratory results on the company’s online website. Others can provide you the results upon request. The cannabis plants readily absorb anything that comes their way in the plantations. You can learn more about cannabis on this page here.

This means that if they were sourced from shady farmers, there might be pesticides, herbicides, toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals in the plants. Avoid these kinds of companies to ensure the safety of your beloved canine.

The plants from trustworthy farmers are carefully cultivated to be a clean and pure product. The tests will also show the final amount of THC that’s the psychoactive element of marijuana. It’s essential to get CBD extract with less than 0.3% THC so that your dog won’t get stoned or high.

Read Reviews about the Company

Besides looking at the laboratory results, you may also want to look for the reviews of customers about the CBD oil. Join forums and see if the pet owners were able to see improvements on their pets. The feedback on many community forums is often transparent, and they came from real customers. Some even provide pictures and videos to show everyone that they have indeed purchased cannabidiol tinctures for their pets.

The right company will be able to respond to negative feedback and criticisms. If the customers have questions, there would always be someone who will answer them with complete information. If the seller takes some time to respond, then this is a sign that you’ll get poor customer service when you need something.

Check the Resource Section

Before you decide to purchase a specific bottle, you need to make sure that the company has a resource section exclusively written for pets. The blogs can help you know more about their products and services. Many legitimate suppliers are willing to give you more information about cannabidiol and how it affects your pet’s body.

Some are committed to making your canines safe, and they do this through educational articles, videos, blogs, and other media to help you. The information on the shop’s website should also be updated, and they should post regularly on their social media accounts to establish their authority about cannabidiol products.

The Process of Extraction

On top of knowing the laboratory results, you may want to see the extraction process that the product went through. There are several methods to cannabidiol from cannabis plants. The first one is by adding solvents like butane, and the second one is through CO2 extraction. You can know more about the other uses of butane here:

By far, CO2 extraction is the safest way of extraction because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can enter your dog’s body. However, these kinds of extracts are usually sold at premium prices, but you can always find affordable ones by comparing products from several shops online.

If there are cheaper ones, then it may be because they were extracted through solvents. These can contain butane and ethanol residues that may not be removed when the final product is manufactured. What you need to do is look for a potent and pure product so that you can ensure your pet’s safety. If the extraction method is not available online, you can always contact the company’s representative and get these details before deciding to buy.

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