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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Sept. 2, 2020: As the world battles with a global health pandemic that saw operations beyond the “essential services” come to a grinding halt, business across the board is already coming to terms with the staggering losses brought about by COVID-19.

Many companies the world over are starting to dust themselves up and slowly regain their feet as they try to find ways to readjust to the new normal – from airlines, to the hospitality sector, the moving industry, moms and pops; everyone was affected. But it will take a while before we can resume normal life as we knew it, travel in particular is set to change from here on out, and moving too is set to be impacted in the immediate future, more so for those looking to relocate to a different country.

Due to its proximity to the United States, the Caribbean has for long been a popular destination for Americans. Through the years, plenty have upped sticks in favor of one of the many islands and territories on the archipelago. If you’re one of those who had to put on hold a move to the Caribbean due to the coronavirus – or contemplating a move after the pandemic – now is a good time to discuss with your NYC moving company of choice (or whichever other part you’re based in) regarding any potential changes to the moving protocol.

That’s because as it stands, every country has enforced its own health guidelines governing the movement of people and goods in and out of their geographical realms. The Caribbean islands are no different, and depending on where you’re headed, these policies could vary, so its best to check with each country’s health ministry or tourism websites for their latest up to date procedures and to see if they are even open to international travelers and especially, Americans.

That aside, you need to know what measures the moving company itself has in place to inhibit the spread of COVID-19 which, while it may seem like it’s starting to be contained, isn’t going anywhere any time soon. There has even been talk of a second wave hitting at some point.

But whether those claims are true or not, what is for certain is that most countries will not be relaxing their health policies regarding the novel coronavirus any time soon. The last thing you want is your move to the Caribbean stalling any further just because someone overlooked the health guidelines enforced by this or that island, whether they intend to ship your belongings by air or through the seaports.

So, if you were still evaluating potential movers, don’t just focus on the attractiveness of their moving fees, reputation, and other factors like insurance of items in transit. Importantly, it won’t hurt to know how they have tweaked their moving process in response to COVID-19 either.

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