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The Bad Ship Obama Sinking Badly
The Bad Ship Obama Sinking Badly

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 31, 2014: The real question is why shouldn’t they abandon ship?

Obama is not just a sinking ship; he sunk long ago and he is taking the Democratic Party DOWN with him.

Now he just keeps sinking lower and lower in the polls and everywhere else.

Our ‘partner’ The New York Times proclaimed this week in a headline: “Poll Shows Democrats Slipping Among Young Voters.” Gee, what a surprise!

Here is what the poll conducted by the Institute of Politics at Harvard University says: “Among likely voters, the GOP turns a 7-point deficit among all 18- to 29- year olds (50% to 43%) into a four-point advantage. Our poll shows that among those who say they are ‘definitely’ voting, the preference shifts, with 51 percent preferring a Republican-run Congress and 47 percent wanting Democrats to be in charge. In 2010, the GOP trailed Democrats in our pre-election poll by 12 points, 55 to 43 percent among likely voters.”

Yes, while not a surprise to the savvy, it is still astonishing and not for the obvious reason. Let’s not forget in the Real World, voters only have two meaningful choices – no matter how many minor and hopeless candidates may be on any ballot. With very, very rare exception, only the Democrat or the Republican is worth voting for. NO one else has a chance to win.

Younger voters have long been the natural constituency for Democrats nationally because in general, younger Americans are more flexible and tolerant in their views of life and America and are looking for a better tomorrow not preserving the Status Quo. Well deserved or not, Democratic Party candidates more often reflect those sensibilities even if it is far more hype than any substance.

The point is, more younger voters are not abandoning the Democratic Party because they now like the Republicans more. It is simply they like Democrats LESS. Who Dear Readers is most responsible for disillusionment? Of course the one and only Barack Obama, so politically radioactive virtually NO Democratic candidate anywhere wants anything to do with him.

So central to this point about why more young voters are turning to the Republicans brings us to a far deeper more profound question here. What do young voters really want? That offers real hope for Democrats after 2014 – not by peddling the same old Democratic message of fraudulent CHANGE that Obama conned us all with or that Hillary Clinton will try to once again con us with – but rather REAL Change.

And let’s go deeper still. No matter how many young voters and all others think they want CHANGE, they all need CHANGE for the future. This now Old World we are still living is fast disappearing. Welcome to the Robot Revolution in which inexpensive and increasingly sophisticated robots and likewise ever more advanced computer automation is going to mow down more and more and more jobs from the under paid workers at Starbucks to the highest paid executives on Wall Street.

Bye, bye jobs! And the younger you are, the more troubling that will be. 70-year olds have far less to fear from the Robot Revolution than do 20-year olds. For 20-year olds, the Robots are definitely going to take your jobs and those wonderful well paying ever expanding careers you dream are coming your way. Not in this New World; you are just road kill.

Making things even worse, so many of our institutions, beginning with government itself, are failing us baldly more and more with each passing days. Likewise, our archaic educational system! Then there is the ever greater control the Super Rich have over virtually everything, including needless to say our elections. Add to this mess, a world that is not becoming more stable and widely prosperous but rather often in desperate straits with so many places around the globe in the hands of thugs who savage their own citizens.

So here is the story of this week’s episode of Obama’s America.

Yong voters and all voters no longer have any good reason to vote for most Democratic Party candidates but that turning to Republicans is no answer at all either. There had better be a better way to avoid disaster or else.

It can be the Democratic Party but it must be a NEW Democratic Party.

Absolutely not more phony CHANGE like the kind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton traffic in to feed their own Democratic Elite and screw the rest of us.

Time to say bye, bye to their false promises of Change and leave them and the rats on their sinking ship to slip to the bottom of the sea where it belongs.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.



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