By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 27, 2015: Me complimenting Rudy Giuliani – professional air bag that he is and the vulture of 9/11 – I would have thought it impossible until last week. But I must compliment him even if I must go take a shower right after doing so for providing me my topic for this week’s episode of Obama’s America.

And is anyone going to believe Giuliani that unlike Obama, he loves you and me. All he loves is money. Now get lost you creep – go spook more Republican fund raisers.

Giuliani’s criticism of Obama is preposterous. Or at least would be if Giuliani had a big enough brain to have any control over what comes out of his foul mouth. What he did do is raise the interesting question: what does it mean to “love America” and how well does Obama rate?

Even though this subject has ended its very brief news cycle and disappeared elsewhere I will revive it here in Obama’s America

Now let’s take an intelligent look at this question.

LOVE of America especially for a U.S. President.

Since real love can only be for real people it must be about love for Americans. A country is about those who live and make their lives here. If the 300+ million Americans all somehow disappeared tomorrow what would there be to love empty buildings, deserted towns, abandoned churches and schools., lifeless cities. There would be nothing to love.

So the accurate question is does President Obama love Americans?

It is very, very easy to use the word to say you love someone. Love may be the most over used word in the language. It sound so good to say you love this person or that person or even that you love everyone.

But where is the proof and what is the proof of love? That is the question!

It seems to me wanting the best for someone today and tomorrow and willing to make sacrifices for them in that pursuit is a good mark of love. So does President Obama want what is best for Americans and how does he prove it?  Yes, yes, yes it is so so easy to say of course he does.

But what does it mean? If it has no meaning or even insufficient meaning it has no real meaning and love as it so often the case becomes an empty word. And there is this of course – can President Obama love every American equally and prove his love for all Americans in the same way?

We know President Obama loves rich people. First of all he qualifies as being rich be he far more modestly rich than some others. On the other hand he lives a life style as President way beyond even the richest Americans.

More to the point the rich have become even richer the 6 years that President Obama has been President. He may or may not have taken steps that have resulted in their wealth increasing but he certainly know he has not done anything that has prevented the rich getting richer or they would not be richer today than 6 years ago. That’s for sure.

So President Obama loves rich Americans. Nothing wrong with that.

The important question remains does he love the rest of us?

President Obama LIED to us big time to get himself elected President in 2008. He promised us CHANGE we can believe in. Anybody notice any big changes since Barack became President? Please do not even make a joke of mentioning ObamaCare for the Medical Industry. Yes President Obama loves the medical industry and Big Pharma no argument there. They are doing very well at our expense with Obama President. Good for them not us.

But back to lying and love. I don’t think lying to someone especially in very very significant ways is compatible with LOVE. Lying to Americans to become President sure strikes me as a nasty lie you would never tell anyone you truly loved.

Want to know the practical damage of Obama’s lies? Middle class and worse poor Americans are in bad shape and their future looks gloomy. As the rich get richer the rest of us get poorer. And it is going to get much worse my fellow Americans. Yes I know unemployment is down. But what exactly does that mean.

If you are employed part time, if you are under employed, if you make minimum wage, if you have no job security, if you have a job that is destroying your health or if you must work crazy shifts, or if you can’t make ends meet just as long as you have anything that is called a job you are counted as employed. Big deal.

Does President Obama love Americans who work part-time at McDonalds and make just above minimum wage? Maybe you can claim so in some utterly meaningless way but that is truly EMPTY love no love at all.

I have to bring in African-Americans specifically because Barack Obama is proudly African-American as he should be, and African Americans voted for Barack Obama in record numbers never before seen in American history.

So can there be any doubt at all President Obama LOVES African Americans? Sorry YES there can and there is if love is to have any meaning. African Americans have fared the worst the last 6 years. No not Jay-Z, Beyonce and John Legend they could not be doing better and yes Praise the Lord President Obama surely loves them and they love him. Amen.

Them there is the other 99% or maybe just 90% of African Americans who are not doing well at all unless you think the record number of African Americans in America’s jail means doing good. I sure hope not.

Let me thank the Wall Street Journal for some timely assistance today in defining the truth of Obama’s love especially for African Americans. There is an article in today’s WSJ titled “Racial Wealth Gaps: What a Difference 25 years Doesn’t Make.” Let me quote this article.

“The researchers found that the median wealth levels of Hispanic and black families are about 90% lower than the median wealth levels for whites. Median family-income levels for the two historically disadvantaged groups are 40% lower, the St. Louis Fed said.”

ENCORE … “The researchers found that the median wealth levels of Hispanic and black families are about 90% lower than the median wealth levels for whites.”

Looks like we must also question if Obama loves Latinos too. What’s that the problem has persisted for way longer than the last 6 years. That’s right. It has continued to persist undiminished during Obama’s Presidency too.

As for Latino’s another way to judge Obama’ love is the fact at the same time he has made some positive moves on immigration very very modest never ever in all of American history have more immigrants been deported than during the 6 years of the Obama Presidency. Is that love? How about the scandalous deportation camps they are put in before they are tossed out?

Who else does President Obama love? For sure we know he LOVES all those criminals responsible for the sub-prime mortgage debacle. Not one of those scam artists has gone to jail most are doing better than ever today.

Let me end with an irrefutable fact something President Barack Obama loves that is absolutely not open to question or debate. No question at all about it.

President Barack Obama LOVES golf. YES he does!! American golf.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.