“We Have Not Changed Golf Or America”
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“We Have Not Changed Golf Or America”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 26, 2015: A parable in the wake of Charleston!

What is a parable anyway you ask?

OK for any intellectually challenged readers of Obama’s America – if there are any – a  parable is a short and simple story that teaches a religious or moral lesson. That is right off of a Google search if you had any doubts.

And yes for the first time ever, after 229 episodes an episode of Obama’s America, is officially going to be a parable. You are here to be a witness to history!

I have two “perfect” characters for this parable – Barack Obama and Tiger Woods.  They have much more in common than skin color too; they both consider golf the most important activity in their lives, and what perfect timing for this parable, just when President Obama is on top of the world this week with the Supreme Court affirming Obamacare as is and Congress approving his new fast track trade authority.

I come along to spoil the party! SORRY Barack it is my job! It is what my dear Editor-in-Chief pays me the Big Bucks to write every week.

First though, I need to feature Tiger Woods before digging into Barack. Tiger is just coming off the most embarrassing moment of his entire illustrious golfing a career. His beyond embarrassing non-performance at last weekend’s U.S. Open Golf tournament in the great state of Washington.

Let me take a brief respite and turn to one of my many major media partners to describe Tiger’s performance at last week’s U.S. Open. I am already drained from writing my first parable like J.C. or someone else cosmic.

Let’s see, oh, I like this title: “Tiger Woods’ U.S. Open was worse than it looked.”

I didn’t think that was possible. Let’s find out more. Let me bring in a brand new media partner for this one. Reporter Brian Floyd who works for a major online sports publication SB Nation. Let’s go to the article …

“Slamming the trunk on Friday and heading home after shooting 16-over at a major is bad enough for someone of Tiger’s ability. His score left him looking up at pretty much the entire field — only three players shot worse and one was a 15-year-old amateur. But Tiger’s week was worse than just the scorecard.”

OUCH there is more …

“The thing about Tiger’s two-day adventure at Chambers Bay is that he didn’t do anything well. On a course that has played nicely for players with length, Tiger lagged behind the field. His irons were off just about all week.”

“It’s not like there’s a simple tweak that’s going to fix things for Tiger. He’s almost 40 and looks completely lost on a golf course. If it was just one phase of the game, there’d be some kind of hope for a speedy tournament. But everything is broken, and there’s no telling if it’ll come back.”

YIKES that’s enough Brian. Too much pain!

The real reason is this parable is not about the U.S. Open or golf I’m setting the stage and putting Tiger in his proper place. You will understand soon.

So let me add to this description of Tiger’s historic context. Until beginning about 6 years ago for almost 15 years prior Tiger was THE MAN. Not only the most popular, richest and most successful athlete on Earth, Tiger was completely FULL of himself on and off the golf course he did not hide it

While Barack Obama will never be in that league in a way he was from the moment he first appeared at the 2004 Democratic National Convention until the day he became President since then his trajectory has been mostly downhill just like Tiger Woods since 2009 and at the same time.

So that by the important part of last week’s U.S. Open got underway Tiger was nowhere to be seen having missed the cut at the very bottom of the heap with a few other players who should not be allowed to play golf. And nobody missed Tiger he was invisible and far away from the final action.

Alright like most parables the good ones the actual parable is very brief and powerful when they work. All the rest of this was to put the parable in a frame of reference that makes it compelling and memorable.

The fact is that Barack Obama is going to, has already begun to suffer the same fate as Tiger Woods. Un spite of the phony euphoria this week and so called major media pumping up his “legacy” (sic) with the scam of Obamacare forcing us to buy insurance from private companies to make them even bigger profits being upheld as is by the Supreme Court, and also the Republicans giving Obama this week  his fast track deal which almost all Democrats oppose – does not matter Obama will leave The White House having FAILED to deliver the change he promised up all back in 2008.

Now we are getting closer to the parable that completely unite Barack and Tiger. First if anything Barack Obama will likely become even richer than Tiger Woods remains once Obama is “free” of The White House.

So all this said as prelude ….

The parable is that just as Tigers Woods for all his fame and wealth and power and dominance, in also being an AFRICAN American and the most successful athlete on Earth NOTHING has changed in golf. At last week’s U.S. Open, once Tiger did not make the cut even 20 years into his long professional career there was not even one other African American golfer to be seen in the tournament. Tiger Woods accomplished absolutely NOTHING for other African Americans in golf. In fact there was just one Black caddie and that was one more than normal at PGA tournaments.

In the same way Barack Obama in being President the most powerful position on Earth has done NOTHING to improve things for other African Americans. The two most important best known African Americans are in effect complete failures in any meaningful level beyond themselves.

And that is the Parable and this week’s episode.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.