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For My ‘Favorite’ President!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Dec. 23, 2015: It isn’t easy to decide what to give a President of the United States.

Be happy you do not have that problem.

But since as you know from the last episode my publisher and I as her guest were invited to The White House last week for one of the very exclusive White House Christmas parties, I felt an obligation both as a citizen and as I make so much use of President Obama each week – that I bring him a gift.
Now the question you should be asking is am I being satirical? Certainly Barack Obama does not need a gift from me or anyone else. Besides being wealthy, even better being President, makes being wealth irrelevant. The Obamas get the royal treatment at all times – better than any American – better than anyone in the world – and it costs them absolutely nothing.

Do I need to remind you of that? But I will I enjoy it in a convoluted way.

How about we talk golf again, President Obama’s favorite subject? How about this gift President Obama gave himself that you and I bought for him, according to the well respected Judicial Watch.

It wasn’t Christmas or his birthday just a typical June weekend earlier this year and Barack as usual wanted to play golf every weekend. That is what weekends are for but not in some exclusive DC area course. BORING.

Rather Palm Springs, California, the very high quality and very private golf course on Billionaire Larry Ellison’s Porcupine Creek estate where President Obama would also relax in Ellison’s  18,400 sq. ft. mansion or exotic guest houses whatever he preferred so, so much better than staying home in DC.

Hw much did that weekend cost us not Barack? According to documents Judicial Watch received after filing a FOIA request $2,187,172 just for Air Force One to take him to the West Coast and back for a few a days of golf. That’s over $2 Million to go play golf. IF you estimate all the other costs involved – Secret Service, other staff, local law enforcement, transporting Obama’s secure limousine and lots of other related expenses – the total bill for one weekend of golf was close to $3 Million. We paid. What a Gift!

Closer to home, how about a few tickets to see the hot musical “Hamilton” on Broadway; a nice way for President Obama to spend a Saturday afternoon with his daughters back in July. How much did that gift cost us? $300,000 just for Air Force One! Did he have to buy tickets to the play ? I doubt it!  Other expenses – the huge NYC Police presence, the motorcades, staff. etc. That afternoon in New York City probably did not cost more than $500,000.

The list goes on and on – Martha’s Vineyard back to DC. Well over $1 Million – maybe $2 – $3 Million – we paid for his summer vacation. The point is President Obama gives gifts like this to himself  constantly.

Right now the Obamas’ are in Hawaii on their annual two week Christmas vacation they left right after that White House Christmas party last week. This is the most expensive personal trip of the year for Air Force One and all the expenses. That easily cost us $5 Million; maybe closer to $10 Million?

OK, now finally for Barack’s Christmas gifts.

Now I am conflicted. OR I was last week. Did it make sense to bring President Obama a Christmas gift to The White House Christmas party?

I decided to compromise with myself. Rather than spend money on physical gifts I decided to give President Obama some good ideas for gifts he should give himself that won’t cost him anything either he being President!

Most of all my best gift is to recommend to President Obama that either in Hawaii or when he gets back he screen the new movie “The Big Short.” Remember as President, Obama has access from his friends in Hollywood copies of any new movie he likes whenever he wants to show to his family and friends in The White House screening room. He wants it, he gets it.

I have no doubt the estate he rents – yes Obama pays the rent on the vacation estate in Hawaii but nothing else – I am sure the estate has a screening room – it has everything else anyone might want in a palatial vacation place.

So as my gift, why didn’t I not recommend “Star Wars?” Really! Do I need to recommend “Star Wars” to Barack Obama? Odds are they have already seen it anyway. But more to the point, “Star Wars” will just have Obama seeing himself as a Jedi hero in his fantasies, the conqueror of Dearth Vader.

I wanted to give him a useful gift. “The Big Short” is perfect. Yes it’s about the sub-prime scandal and it has all been told before but the difference is this film tells it in a way that make it even more that President Obama did not have any of them and there were plenty of them the scam artists at the highest levels of the banking and investment industry – none of them were indicted let alone gone to jail.

These CRIMINALS are running some of America’s most prestigious business institutions. In fact they were all rewarded by Obama bailing them out offering them billions upon billions to rebuild their firms.

Let me say it precisely ….


And it proved beyond a doubt he is NO Change Master; he is the man servant of the super rich and powerful. Their Water Boy when they need him.

Think about the alternative …

Because of what these guys did to our country and economy this band of corporate thugs, President Obama had the means the logic to completely reform our Vulture Capital system. He could have completely remade our banking system to serve all of us not the privileged few. All of these guys and their boards should have been dismissed under emergency power this crisis allowed and because they were all BANKRUPT and the Federal government in fact owned them at that point !

So IF President Obama watches “The Big Short” and better with a room filled with special people in The White Hose screening room no one there including Obama will be able to hide from the fact Obama screwed us all.

So while “The Big Short” is my primary gift  I have another a new book that also will cost him nothing that The White House will order for him. Why should I ! The book is a rather obscure one I found  reviewed in The Economist Magazine. But it pints up another Obama failure.

How President Obama kisses up to repressive tyrants gleefully. Another gift from me to force Obama to see who he really is not the fantasy leader he thinks he is and wants the rest of us to believe.

The book is “Blood oil, Violence and the Rules that Run the World” by Leif Wenar, published by Oxford University Press and 496 pages. It will give President Obama something useful to do during those long and countless flights on Air Force One going to play golf and going on vacation.

Some excerpts from The Economist review, December 12, 2015.

“LOOK at the tablet or the paper that you are reading. Its making will probably involve oil, minerals or metals. Some of those resources will have come from a country whose government steals from and oppresses its citizens. By one estimate, almost 10% of what the average American household spends on petrol each year goes directly into the coffers of such regimes. This is a nasty, if familiar, thought. But Leif Wenar, a philosopher at King’s College London, pushes these ideas further, with uncomfortable consequences.”

“Mr. Wenar argues that laws that allow the enrichment of a narrow elite, while the rest live with poverty and repression, cannot be legitimate. Americans also consume plenty of oil from Saudi Arabia, whose wealthy rulers claim similarly dubious legal ownership of the country’s oil, this time “from the Holy Koran and the sayings and customs of the Prophet”.”

The point is President Obama treats most if not all of them as treasured friends of The United States and Obama goes out of his way to Kiss Their Asses or their rings especially the Saudi goons. Rather than stand up to them he plows them with Billions $$ in American military hardware they use to repress their own country and neighboring countries.

ENOUGH gifts for President Obama from me. I have more important gifts to wrap especially those for my publisher. She is #1.

And to everyone a Merry Christmas and to all a Good Night.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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