Obama’s America – Episode # 267 – Billion $$$ President

I Need A Lot Of Treasure!
I Need A Lot Of Treasure!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 11, 2016: Spoiler Alert … this episode concludes with a Bernie Sanders endorsement.

Well President Obama has set the bar very high. The gold bar! But you knew that long ago long before the Times reported it.

Because you read Obama’s America and we often get there first.

What is this about? The Obamas’After Life. After the White House!

Now its official as official as a New York Times story can make it with this story from our #1 media ‘partner’ on March 3, 2016, titled obliquely: “Daughter Will Keep the Obamas’ in Washington,”

Here are the key passages tucked into the article ….

“Mr. Obama rarely answers questions about his life after the presidency, preferring to focus on his remaining goals. But he has been preparing for his post-presidency with the discipline and fund-raising ambition that characterized his 2008 campaign.”

Then the Bomb Shell …

“The Obamas’ intend to raise up to $1 billion to fund an endowment for charitable efforts and a presidential library in Chicago.”

Note it is not a vague speculation. Here it is again …

“The Obamas intend to raise up to $1 billion to fund an endowment for charitable efforts and a presidential library in Chicago.”

It’s a fact .. ONE BILLION $$$. And I will add a PLUS.

For all the Simpletons out there. NO, not you. You read Obama’s America.

For all the Simpletons who eat up White House Propaganda and for all the Republican Haste Mongers who fantasize Barack Obama as the Devil Himself … both sides miss the REAL Obamas’…..

Luxury loving RICH couple who want much MORE $$$$ and who realize being President and First Lady can open up the Doors to Great Wealth.

They have some very “good” Role Models – Bill and Hillary Clinton. But here is the Truth – Barack and Michelle think of themselves as superior to those two and they are convinced they can do much, much better for themselves.

This issue is of profound importance in understanding Barack Obama and the Obama Presidency. And I will claim Bragging Rights. There is no place else you will read this all important analysis. The Times story proves that.  They make the statement …

“The Obamas’ intend to raise up to $1 billion to fund an endowment for charitable efforts and a presidential library in Chicago.”

And then move on. they don’t give it a second thought. Their article is about the Obama’s younger daughter and where they will live post White House.

For Obama’s America and this episode – almost like Divine Intervention –  comes this other new story today Thursday in The Times …

“From Wall St. Bundlers to Bradley Cooper: Inside the State Dinner Guest Lists.”

PRECIOUS.  Here is the opening paragraph …

“The guest lists of White House state dinners are boldface ledgers showing the people whom presidents want to influence and reward. On Thursday, President Obama’s state dinner is for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada. Here we deconstruct the guest lists of the previous nine.”

Just like the other story, its real meaning escapes The Times.

Let me connect the dots between these two stories. Let me begin by making some very basic points ..

1) Money and power are very much inter changeable assets.

2) While the Obamas are raising a Billion dollars for their Foundation they will also be taking care of themselves. See Bill and Hillary Clinton for reference.

3) You don’t raise  a Billion $ making Rich People mad at you as President.

4) State Dinners are the ULTIMATE networking events anywhere.

Are you beginning to get the REAL Picture?

Ever since Obama has been President but especially since his re-election and no more campaigns to run, taking care of #1 & #2 has been the priority. Now please don’t misunderstand me. Barack Obama does not want to go into history as a Bad President and he is not going to “sell” the Presidency for personal gain. But the point is he does NOT have to do so.

The Key is to do enough to be able to “claim” he was an outstanding President but without having to do anything that will be of basic importance to most Americans because by definition that will inevitably piss off most Rich People. Why? Because they have all the power and money already!

That prevents most Americans from doing better and they want to keep it !

They want to keep ALL of it and indeed they want more money and power. Greed is not a logical emotion it is a disease easily transmitted. Most people know this except they have amnesia about it.

No amnesia here in Obama’s America. I know exactly what game the Obamas’ are playing it is called protect the Status Quo while constantly trying to look like you are doing otherwise. And it is working. Except here.

Let’s get back to that $1 Billion they want to raise after they leave The White House next January then swing back to those State Dinners. The Washington Post states the Clinton Foundation has raised $2 Billion but in has been in business for 15 years now. While doing so they have also amassed a personal fortune of between $150 Million and $200 Million.

Two issues here.  Guaranteed Barack and Michelle want to raise their first $1 Billion in a very few years and they are not going to stop at One Billion. If the Clintons can do $2 Billion why not go for $3 Billion.

As for the personal wealth portion I certainly see the Obamas’ NOT settling for just 150 Million to $200 Million. I think they have higher expectations for themselves. They of course will want to create a very nice estate for their kids and grand kids and generations of Obamas’ to come and that can to be big money all by itself that needs to be saved and invested.

Then of course there is the Here & Now. While they will get some support from us meaning the government as Ex-President and Ex-First Lady that will not come close to serving their needs. They will both “require” large personal staffs only part of their Foundation will cover.

What about housing? That will have to come from their personal wealth. They will require an expensive mansion in Washington and butlers and maids or it. And they absolutely must have one or maybe two personal chefs.

That’s just their DC residence. You know Barack will require a beach front vacation mansion in Hawaii. Maybe the one they have been renting? But the problem with Hawaii is the distance that will still just be for longer Christmas vacations most of all.

For summers an expensive place on Martha’s Vineyard may be a necessity especially to be with the Elite. Then there is Barack’s passion which he will have even more time for GOLF especially on weekends year round. That means a place either in South Florida or California. Both? Maybe!

And what about Michelle? They are a couple – it is not all about Barack. I think a luxury apartment in Manhattan is a necessity. Needless to say they must also have a residence in Chicago. That’s where the Presidential Library will be plus they are so closely associated with Chicago and it’s wealthy.

Let’s say that covers their housing needs. Maybe?

What’s next? Of course, of course, of course. Personal jets! Sadly no more Air Force One after January and forget it the Obamas’ are NOT going to fly commercial EVER. It is probable the Secret Service which will be protecting them for the rest of their lives can pull a small plane out of the vast government inventory when required but that is so messy and not cool at all.

THEY NEED THEIR OWN PRIVATE PLANES. That’s right two. Barack and Michelle will both have very active personal schedules far more than they will travel together. They will be traveling constantly and globally.

Will two top of the line large GulfStreams jets with specially designed interiors do? I don’t think so. Maybe one for Michelle. But Barack Obama probably “needs” something more like Trump’s plane. Could you image Donald Trump traveling around in a GulfStream? Please!

So why should the great former President Barack Obama?

Anyway whatever they do about the residences and the planes and their personal staffs there are other huge expenses too.  Entertaining lavishly, luxurious hotel suites during their frequent travels, and how about Barack’s many golf club memberships, extravagant wardrobes for Michelle and their daughters let’s not forget about the kids immediate costly needs.

BOTTOM LINE …. Even $200 Million can only go so far especially remember when they are also creating an estate for their kids and grand kids.

I think the Obamas’ need to build a personal fortune closer to $500 Million.

NOW lets get back to those State Dinners which are very real and also symbolize well how important much of their time and interest is very significant to their White House After Life as explained above.

They have to cultivate the people who are going to make them rich AND fund their Billion Dollar Foundation at the same time. It’s not you and me.
SO SURPRISE when The Times analyzed who has been invited to the ultimate Presidential perk – yes even more than a ride on Air Force One – going to White House State Dinners.

The largest percentage 35% of all invitees to the 9 Obama State Dinners YES financial industry Super Rich Big Wigs. Next up 16% Super Rich Media Moguls. Next 14% Super Rich Hollywood Big Wigs. Next 12% Super Rich Big Wigs from Sports, Technology and the Health Industry.

That totals 77% of all guests. Not so rich but powerful college leaders and authors and scientists made up another 7%. The other 16% would be lots of high ranking government officials who can do plenty for the other 84% there.

So here is the point if I have to make it at all.

The Obamas’ real selves exist in a rarified atmosphere of wealth and power that they were not unfamiliar even before Barack was elected President but that they now fully embrace and most of all want to fully inhabit once they are freed of restrictions of the Presidency and government “service” (sic).

As I began this episode and as I write in different ways week after week this is COMPLETELY at odds and is absolutely alien to proposing fundamental change that will benefit the vast majority of Americans we 90% PLUS.

The Obamas’ worship at the Altar of the Status Quo because that is where personal wealth and power is to be found. The Super Rich & Powerful don’t want Change the Status Quo has made them Rich and Powerful.

So while the Republicans are blatant about their love for the Rich and Powerful ALL Democratic Party Presidents like Clinton and Obama work to put a Smiley Face on their lust and too many Americans buy into this nonsense in the case of Obama and Clinton worst of all African Americans.

What Bernie Sanders is proving and yes I believe him now he is different than these others. The good news it is possible as slim as the odds are that we can do far, far better than Barack Obama or Bill or Hillary Clinton.

You should hope I am correct and pray Bernie Sanders becomes President.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.