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Jamaica’s Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller
Until recently, Portia Simpson Miller was the “boss” in Jamaica.

By NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 11, 2016: When it comes to the most women in top managerial positions, the Americas – the Caribbean and Latin America – definitely rule the roost globally and regionally! Good news for women’s rights in Women’s History Month indeed as the progress shows management gains in the past 20 years.

That’s according to data from the International Labor Organization (ILO).  Here are the top 6 – from most to the least:

1: Jamaica: This small Caribbean nation likes to boost that while it’s “little” it is “tallawah.” This also certainly applies to the most female boss. ILO statistics showed that less than 60 percent of the Caribbean island nation’s management force is female, the highest level anywhere in the world.

2: Colombia: Taking the number two spot is the South American nation of Colombia. There, there 53 percent of the work force include female managers are female according to the ILO stats.

3: Saint Lucia: The third nation where most women are bosses is the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. There, just over 52 percent of management is female, the ILO data shows.

4: Panama: In the Central America nation of Panama, over 47 percent of women are managers. The country ranked 5th on the global list but took the fourth spot overall for anywhere in the Americas! Panama also has over 48 percent or the second most women globally who are in senior or middle management positions.

5: Guatemala: Guatemala may be known for a lot of negative things around the world but a major positive it has going for it is its high percentage of female bosses. The ILO data shows over 45 percent of women are managers in the country, making it 8th ranked globally but 5th on the Americas list. Over 35 percent of women here serve in senior or middle management positions.

6: The Bahamas: Rounding out the top 6 for the Americas is the Caribbean island of The Bahamas. This country has over 44 percent women bosses globally, putting it on the top ten list worldwide but at number six in the Americas.

While, the Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic did not make the top 10 list, it does have the most women globally in senior or middle management positions – some 55 percent!

Incidentally, the United States was 15th place overall with just over 42 percent of all American women working as managers.

Still the ILO says despite some modest gains in some regions in the world, millions of women are losing ground in their quest for equality in the world of work.

“The report shows the enormous challenges women continue to face in finding and keeping decent jobs,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder

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