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Getting Your Ticket Punched!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 6, 2016: So Malia Obama is going to Harvard. No surprise there.

Before I dig into the wider issue which has nothing at all to do with Obama’s daughter, let me state upfront that if I had a beautiful Black daughter (sorry but I’m talking about my phantom daughter, Barack) I would be happy that she was going to Harvard if that is what she wanted.

Although President Obama’s daughter could go to the University of Outer Mongolia if she wanted, it would not matter. Her ticket was punched the day her father was elected President. Indeed it was punched the day she was born. When Obama became President she then went to the front of the queue.

Because it’s all about Power; t he power you don’t have.

So don’t accuse me of hypocrisy here. I don’t deal in hypocrisy in Obama’s America. I leave that to the Major Media that do a good job of it. I will also tell you further down what I would tell my daughter about going to Harvard which you are guaranteed Barack and Michelle are not telling Malia.

So let’s get to the real story here that has nothing to do with Malia but like everything in Obama’s America it has everything to do with Obama.

Why is Harvard the college of choice among the Pampered Elite and Yale and Princeton and very few others almost as much?  In perfect circular fashion, its because it is where the Pampered Elite send their children.

That could tell you all you need to know but I am paid to entertain you with the Truth not just fast track it and my publisher would not be happy if I ended here this week.

Plus I have unpaid bills to pay not being one of the Pampered Elite. Have you noticed? I would not be writing Obama’s America if I was. Not just because I would not need the job. I would not be giving away our Dirty Big Secrets if I were and get kicked out of the Club!

Where was I? Yes, If the Pampered Elite let me call them the PE for the rest of this episode to save some ink. If the PE decided to send their kids to the University of Outer Mongolia that would become Harvard University.

Get it? You don’t need to go to Harvard to understand it. It is Very Simple.

Yes, yes, yes, I know Harvard has the most brilliant professors. The very best facilities. The finest courses. Gourmet dining and hotel quality dorms. Call it elegant window dressing for the PE. And it does make those who pay attention brighter than they would be otherwise. But they don’t need that.

And if the PE decided to favor the unrated University of Outer Mongolia instantly all that good stuff would show up there. That is what the PE does. They take care of themselves royalty because that is what they are.

So what does all this have to do with President Barack Obama? Everything!

Another prime example of Obama’s FAILURE as President. What almost. but not all of his many FAILURES are about – SINS of Omission!

President Obama has not done anything in particular for Harvard University or more widely the PE. Let me tell you how bad it is.  Obama has enriched the Status Quo. I hope some of my readers appreciate the paradoxical way I employ the word “enrich” here. Obama has not “enriched” the PE with specific legislation or actions but he has “enriched” the Status Quo which is far more important for the PE and less Dangerous for them.

Put another way the CORE Status Quo in America which is key to the power and wealth of the PE is even stronger after 8 years of the Obama Administration than before he because President.

WOE to all of us Black and White that 99% of African-Americans refuse to see this and are voting for Hillary Clinton and the Third Obama Term. This identifies Obama’s Ultimate Con – His so called Legacy. But I will deal with that issue more in upcoming episodes. Let’s stay on message here.

I do want to take a slight detour here. Because it does address the theme of this week’s episode and it appeared so timely in media ‘partner’ Wall Street Journal on Thursday, In fact it is not a diversion at all. I take that back.

From Thursday’s WSJ this headline story …

Is Taxing Harvard, Yale and Stanford the Answer to Rising College Costs?

For you only I am going to take this story where no other publication will right to the REAL story which is a perfect fit for this episode!

From the start of this WSJ article …

“Elite U.S. schools have grown richer since the 2008 financial crisis by investing their endowment money in everything from California vineyards to Chinese startups. State and federal policy makers now want to tax those profits—or force the wealthiest schools to spend down their endowments—to defray soaring student bills and refill depleted higher-education budgets.”


“Elite U.S. schools have grown richer since the 2008.” Very Rich!

What else happened in 2008????? Barack Obama was elected President!

What a coincidence! NOT!! It is perfect frightful Symmetry.

Let me give you some more of the article to prepare you for the Obama PUNCH line that gives it a higher purpose …

“Mr. Roskam and two other Republican congressional leaders have asked 56 private colleges with endowments of more than $1 billion—including Harvard University, Yale University and Stanford University—for detailed information about their holdings and policies for rewarding large donors with naming rights.”

The key word above is REPUBLICANS. Here is more …

“Rep. Tom Reed (R., N.Y.), who is also on the House Ways and Means committee, floated a plan late last year that would require endowments bigger than $1 billion to pay out a quarter of their earnings in grants to working-class families or face steep penalties or even the loss of their tax-exempt status.”

This is NOT being proposed by President Obama but by REPUBLICANS

Republicans NOT Democrats. WHY are Republicans doing so. Read ..

“Behind the push is discontent over a growing gap between higher education’s haves and have-nots. About half of U.S. endowment wealth is held by two dozen schools enrolling 5% of the roughly 20 million students attending American colleges and universities, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of National Association of College and University Business Officers and Commonfund data as well as federal data.”

Further down in the article more about Harvard and the other PE colleges ..

“Over the past decade, the nation’s 10 largest endowments have expanded 80% in size to $185.3 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal analysis. Harvard and Yale account for roughly one-third of that total.”


“Over the past decade, the nation’s 10 largest endowments have expanded 80% in size to $185.3 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal analysis. Harvard and Yale account for roughly one-third of that total.”

President Obama is not even mentioned once not once in this article about the glutinous ABUSE of the tax system Harvard and the other elite PE universities pay NO taxes on the many, many BILLIONS in their endowments. REPUBLICANS not Obama are trying to stop it.

SHAME on Barack Obama yet again! But what is the REAL point here?

It is what this episode is ALL about.

President Obama is “enriching” the Pampered Elite not by actively adding to their ravenous amount of wealth and power. What Obama is doing so “well” (sic) is PROTECTING the Status Quo for them. They don’t need special legislation to accumulate more wealth and power. All they need Obama to do is stay out of their way and Obama does so brilliantly for them.

Let me conclude this week’s episode with another aside which indeed Is not an aside at all. DID YOU KNOW everyone should that the same ethically and morally challenged U.S. Supreme Court that ruled the Constitution does NOT any allow colleges to give “special” consideration to African Americans in admission because that is UNFAIR to White applicants  …


This same Supreme Court has NO problem at all with children of alumni of Harvard and other PE colleges the children of the Privileged Elite being given EXTRA consideration even lots of EXTRA consideration when applying for admission to Harvard and the other Elite universities.

No problem. Call it what it is – outrageous HYPOCRISY.

Welcome to Harvard Malia Obama.

Finally, yes, what would I tell my nonexistent daughter …

It is all one BIG scam! Go to Harvard with your eyes wide open. Fully appreciate what is reality taking place there. Why the PE send their kids there so they can easily identify who the other young Pampered Elite are, and know who their own kind are and who they should “work” (sic) with.

End of story. See you next week with more Truth right here.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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