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Make that two bad Apples!












By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 19, 2016: The Obama’s are on Martha’s Vineyard taking a very long vacation.

Apple CEO TIM Cook is in China doing business this week.

And I’ve been in “hell” all week because of Apple.

So allow me to “thank” both Tim Cook and President Obama with the shortest episode of Obama’s America ever – because I just got my Mac back working for the first time since Monday and I am past my deadline.

So here is the story.

President Obama is front and center proclaiming human dignity and everyone’s right to make their own choices about their own life styles and personal preferences. Should I also remind you again Barack Obama is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize supposedly for his humanism.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is an openly and proud gay man, and deserves credit for standing up for his personal rights to his own life style and for being an advocate for others to make their own choices sexual and otherwise.

So what is the problem with this picture?

Both Cooke and Obama are First Class Hypocrites.

What is the Chinese dictatorial regimes policy toward Gay Rights? They don’t have one. The Chinese dictators label homosexuality a disease and abhorrent behavior that must be condemned and punished and of course Gay Marriage is totally illegal in China.


What does President Obama have to say about sexual repression in China?


And why was Apple CEO Tim Cook in China this week?

NOT to condemn or even criticize China for its repressive policies toward Gays and anyone else. No not at all! Cook was there to pander to the Chinese regime and to sign major new business agreements with them.

As for me, the reason I did not have my Apple Mac computer available or Internet service to it to write a more normal episode this week is because when I brought my Mac computer that stopped working  to the Macintosh store they said SORRY we won’t service or repair your Mac – it is “too old.” That was after misdiagnosing the problem as I later learned.

So I was forced to search all week for someone to fix my computer.

Yes, one of the largest and richest companies on Earth Apple won’t even fix their own computers – even for a fee if they are “too old.”

So forgive this abridged episode. It is not my fault. But I apologize.







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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