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Compiled By NAN Sports Editor

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 19, 2016: When it comes to Olympic athletes the world over, there is no denying that many are in not only in enviable shape but are also super hot – with many men and women globally wishing on a star that they looked half as good! So here are our top 12 pick of sexiest moments of Caribbean and Caribbean-Roots athletes from Rio 2016.

1: Laurie Hernandez














Laurie Hernandez’s roots go straight to Puerto Rico even though this 16-year-old was born in the US, the sexy rhythms of the Caribbean shows even when Hernandez is performing on the beam.

2: Dimitri Bacou




























There is no denying the raw sexiness of Dimitri Bacou and even though he runs for France, this 29-year-old is definitely Caribbean. He was born in the French Caribbean island of Martinique.

3: Arianna-Vanderpool-Wallace




















Arianna-Vanderpool-Wallace, 26, did not win for the Bahamas but this sexy moment from Rio certainly landed her on our top 12 list.

4: Yona Knight-Wisdom

Yona Knight-Wisdom



























UK-born Yona Roshen Knight-Wisdom, who is diving for Jamaica, had a helluva sexy moment in Rio during his Men’s 3m springboard semi-final dive.

5: Jennifer Abel















Jennifer Abel may be diving for Canada but this beautiful 24-year-old’s roots go straight to Haiti and that lands her on our top 12 list!  Plus there’s no denying this sexy moment from Abel in Rio.

6: Asuka Cambridge


Jamaican-born Japanese runner Asuka Cambridge is heating up the tracks not just with his speed but with his sexy looks that sets him apart from all others on the field.

7: Mónica Puig














Monica Puig, 22, has made history by winning the only gold for her island of Puerto Rico and she looked sexy as hell doing it!

8: Tyrone Smith














Bermuda’s Tyrone Smith may not have made it into the finals of the men’s long jump in Rio but there is no denying the sexiness of this moment he had during competition.

9: Usain Bolt













There is no denying the speed, charisma, smile and confidence of the world’s fastest man, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, and that alone is reason to make our sexy top 12 list.

10: Elaine Thompson













This 24-year-old Banana Ground, Manchester-born Jamaican brought sexy power just by making history and winning the 100- and 200m women’s finals in Rio and that’s sexy enough to make our top 10 list.

11:  Shaunae Miller























The haters may be trying to diss Bahamian gold medal winner in the women’s 800-m Shaunae Miller but this University of Georgia student has the gold and looked good winning it too, landing her or our top 12 sexy moments of Rio 2016 list!

12:  Kerron Clement














Kerron Clement may have mined gold for the good old USA but this University of Florida alumnus was born in sweet T&T which makes him Trini to de bone and very sexy indeed.


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