Obama’s America – Episode # 301 – World Series Lesson Obama

They All Look Alike!
They All Look Alike!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 4, 2016: Guaranteed President Obama watched the World Series.

As busy as he is preparing for retirement and getting ready to cash in Big Time “dialing for dollars” after January 20, 2017 – not for elections and Democrats but this time for his own bank account which is going to bulge.

Barack is a Big Sports Fan and loves Baseball even if the other Chicago team – the one he doesn’t normally root for won. In fact, he has already congratulated the Cubs and invited them to The White House. QUICKLY of course, since time is running out for Barack in The White House.

Normally the Championship teams come for a visit long after they win when the new season begins and they are back together again. That won’t work now. We’ll see if going to see Obama in The White House is enough for most of them to alter their partying the next few months and scattering around the globe to hike it to DC for a photo op with the President.

NOW I will get to the real subject of this week’s post major milestone 300th episode in this episode #301 of Obama’s America and precious few left.

The subject is UMPIRES – that’s right the 2016 World Series umpires and the much larger story that leads to that you will never read anywhere else – and proving again what a LOSER Barack Obama truly is.
There is no doubt President Obama did not spend even one moment thinking about the umpires as he watched the World Series – indeed no one did except me – even though those umpires were a constant  presence on the TV screen.

Why did I notice them? Simple – they were all WHITE – all six of them – not just four as during the regular season. Yes, there are a few Black umpires in Major League Baseball. MLB officials could have made a “token” gesture and made sure one of the six Black but they were unconcerned.

Based on past studies I have done – not that it is necessary to realize it in the history of Major League Baseball – far less than 1% of the thousands of MLB umpires over the more than 100 year history have been Black.

Why is this so much more significant than the Chicago Cubs wining the World Series for the first  time in 108 years and why does this go to the heart of the FAILURE of Barack Obama as President?

I am very glad I asked and so should you. Here is why…

It is all about INSTITUTIONAL racism – very much alive and “well” here in the ‘enlightened’ 21st century. It is not going away even though it easily should and it existed in clear sight in front of 40 million viewers Wednesday.

What is the difference between an MLB player and MLB umpire?

Everything! Relatively few surmount the competition and have the talent and good luck to get on an MLB roster.

As for MLB umpires, ANYONE with normal intelligence, a willingness to learn the intricacies of baseball, who has the motivation to go through the apprenticeship of first umpiring in minor league ball could be an MLB umpire. In other words think of being an MLB umpire like getting a Ph.D. in college. Most anyone can do it if they put their mind to it IF ….

They are given the opportunity! How obvious is that?

Let me stay with sports in this episode even though sports here is also a metaphor for the far more pervasive problem that will NOT go away …


Of course it is not just MLB umpires there are all kinds of positions covering all sports on and off the field that do not involve the players on the field – but you never ever see either a meaningful number of  African-Americans or other so called minorities or WOMEN on and off the field.

No, I am not going to do a dissertation on the individual sports here, their separate nuances in this context. There are a good number of Black officials on the court at NBA games, and more Black officials in the NFL than MLB.

Bid deal those sports also have glaring exclusions in other ways.

Having set the foundation above if it was even necessary let me get right to the point of this episode which is about Barack Obama as it should be.

The GESTURES that he does NOT make that don’t require any legislation or any new programs Nothing but him speaking up in very specific ways about racism which he will NOT do but which could be so, so powerful …

Goes straight to the heart of why Barack Obama is a failure as President and even worse a Con Artist in The White House carefully spinning the myth that he is Change Master, that he has made a difference and even more a difference for African Americans is a  pure Con.

All again ALL President Barack Obama had to do today or at any point during the World Series was to say to a reporter, or the MLB Commissioner or anyone at all that … “ I am disappointed there is not even one Black or Latino  umpire among the 6 at the World Series” OBAMA WOULD HAVE PRODUCED AN EARTHQUAKE IN BASEBALL AND SPORTS …

but of course Barack Obama said nothing at all. Case closed.

Now I must begin to prepare myself for next week’s post election episode.







About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.