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Leadership Of The Democratic Party!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 16, 2016: Bring in the Clowns beginning with Barack Obama of course!

A ridiculous spectacle is taking place of Democratic Party “leaders.” An OXYMORON of course since the Democratic “leadership” is filled with Oxy MORONS, aka Clowns, who are attacking Donald Trump for all the WRONG reasons rather than building a case for the Democratic Party’s future.

First this nonsense about the recount in three swing states. REALLY? What reason does loser Jill Stein, who only got a few votes for President including mine – as a Trump / Clinton protest vote – have?

Anyway, how did Jill Stein possibly and quickly raise way, way more money for a useless recount than she raised for her non-campaign? Only one reason! All she was doing with this recount nonsense was fronting for Hillary and the other Clowns.

It is a preposterous waste of money and time.
Why did they do it? For no logical reason at all! All they are doing is lashing out because they don’t want to accept responsibility for their loss which is compounded by the fact the person they lost to is Donald Trump!

Which brings up another motive – Trump is proving how much smarter and better able to manipulate reality he is than these Clowns. After winning the election, they at least hoped he would prove a Buffoon, that no one would want anything to do with. SURPRISE! It could have been Attila the Hun or Bozo the Clown who was elected President but almost everyone is going to KISS the Ass of the next President of the United States

Infuriating the Democratic Clowns even more is that Trump is not mindlessly “following the script” all the recent prior President-elects have – including Barack Obama – with a boring formula approach as President-elect. Donald Trump is soaking up all the oxygen these last few weeks …

Making Obama and the other Clowns DISAPPEAR from the media stage.

Then there is the insult of notable Democrats calling Trump the “Electoral College” President rather than the REAL next President. Trying to further delegitimize him just as they wastefully tried with the ridiculous recounts.

By the way, let’s get something straight Dear Readers – I am NO fan of  Trump. I would not have voted for him if he were the last person on Earth and will do everything I humbly can with my new series Trump’s America beginning on January 20, 2017, to make sure he is a ONE-term President …

At the same time ….

What passes for Democratic Party leadership is also pathetic beginning with the fact as I keep repeating the 5 Biggest Con Artists in America are Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack & Michelle Obama and DONALD TRUMP!

The difference between Trump and the others is he is far, far better at it.

Now let me get to the real meat of this episode of Obama’s America ..

YES, indeed the so called Russian HACKING that cost Clinton the election.

Hilarious… this is the Clowns’ “best” act of all for many reasons…

CNN the Comedy News Network among others, is giving the Democratic Clowns a stage hour after hour, day after day, week after week to peddle this NON-sense that Russians are responsible for Clinton’s defeat.

And the larger “issue” that Russia is the ultimate threat to the United States and the most terrible evil government on Earth. Really?
To begin with, why would anyone believe the U.S. “Intelligence” (sic) apparatus WITHOUT proof which they never supply. Thousands of bureaucrats and especially their senior officials appointed by and who still work for Barack Obama and who will be replaced on or about January 20, 2017.

Let me break in with a SPECIAL ALERT ….

Yes, I am watching the Comedy News Network as I write. Old Harry Reid, one of the retiring Clowns who appears to be on some heavy medication, just announced he knows Vladimir Putin personally ordered the hacking. How doe Reid know this because Putin has denied it and he was KGB agent long ago?

How can you dispute that kind of logic?

Anyway, back to reality … the “hacking” and the Democratic “outrage.”

Hacking has become in our world a very, very sophisticated methodology, attracting some of the brightest individuals on the planet because they like being outlaws and causing havoc and because it can be very profitable, because it allows them to use their skills in a most “creative” way and ….

If they are truly smart, and many of them are, they are masters of disguising who they are so they don’t get caught and even better, they can be more mischievous pinning some other likely source as being responsible.

Does this mean it was not Russians who did this? No it does not. But if statements are going to be made it were Russians and ONLY Russians hacking into the DNC computers, absolute proof is required. Where is it?

Then there are Russians and there are Russians There are Russian hackers who work deep inside of the Russian government and there are plenty of Russian hackers who have nothing at all to do with the government, some who the government would like to find and eliminate because they also hack Russia.
Which leads to the question: which government on Earth do many experts believe has the most sophisticated HACKING operation anywhere? YES indeed, the United States government, specifically the CIA, NSA, the military and the 17 or more U.S. agencies involved in sophisticated hacking.

Does anyone believe the U.S. does NOT hack Russian government computer systems, Chinese government computer systems, government computer systems all over the globe and with the intent of causing harm to them?

What is my point?

No, not that the U.S. government hacked the DNC computers but rather that the idea the Clowns are promulgating that the Russians are EVIL for hacking the DNC if they did but there is nothing wrong with the U.S. hacking Russia is insane.

Let me move on – I don’t want to turn this episode into a book which I could.

Let’s get down to the hacked information itself – whatever the source that the Clowns are so outraged about that changed the election results.

The most compelling part of this “story” which the Clowns and the Comedy News Network and The NY Times, Washington Post and on and on completely and purposely IGNORE in attacking the Russians and Trump …

The hacks into the DNC prove there was a conspiracy that involve Obama, Clinton, Schultz and others to ensure Clinton the nomination, keep many other Democrats who would have run out of the race, and most of all DENY Bernie Sanders the nomination he could have won in a FAIR primary.

That is the SCANDAL here. We NEVER would have known the Truth of the so called Democratic Party “leadership,” also known as the Status Quo Junkies, aka the Elites was it NOT for the hacking. Their very DIRTY big secret would have remained a secret forever. Thank God for these Hacks …

And here is the IRONY … I always enjoy when I find irony to report.

The irony is the Democrats lost The White House to Trump not because of the hacking but because this conspiracy made Hillary Clinton the candidate.  A very strong case is the ONLY Democrat Trump could beat was Clinton!

Finally let me get to Russia in general beyond the hacking …

These stupid Democratic Clowns are SAVAGING Russia for no good reason …. Let me Clue them in as if they did not know ….

Russia is the convenient Global Bogey Man for the Right Wing around the Globe and in the U.S. most of all that wants to insure forever massive military spending to PROTECT against the Russian “threat” and keep our minds off far more logical matters and spending less on the military….

China is the Global Threat NOT Russia. But China is a huge trading “partner” and Russia is not so it is far more convenient to attack Russia as THE Threat it is not. Using any excuse possible to condemn them.

Is Russia a model government? Absolutely not! It is just like so many other heavily flawed governments we play nice with because it is in the U.S. interest to do so. Is Vladimir Putin a great leader? No, but he sure is smart and certainly smarter than Barack Obama and we should acknowledge and appreciate that fact.

Here is the CORE reality. There are only three Great Powers on Earth -the U.S., China and Russia. Russia will either align with the U.S. or China. Whatever decision Russia makes, the loser is going to be China or the U.S.

IF we want to CONTAIN China as our most important foreign policy goal as we very, very much should, it is to our advantage to go as far as is reasonable to form a lasting alliance with Russia. And there is no doubt for Russians generally and Putin specifically to be treated favorably by the U.S. – it is their highest priority. The Russians in fact want to be more like us and they will be willing to make significant compromises to do so.

I will rarely compliment Donald Trump but I will here for understanding this reality and trying to make it work. I just hope he appreciates how far some will go to sabotage his attempts to do so and he can derail them.

As for the Democratic Clowns, they could not care less. ALL they are interested is in trying to insure the Democratic Elites rise again to power.

Real Democrats should make sure that NEVER happens. Dump the Clowns!






About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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