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What 8 Years In White House Did To Him!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 6, 2017: These photos do not lie. The photo on the left was Barack Obama becoming President on January 20, 2009, and the photo on the right is President Barack Obama today.

They appear to be two very different individuals. THEY ARE!!

The Barack Obama of January 2009 was a fraud who conned us into believing if we elected him President as we did overwhelming in November 2008 that he would bring REAL change to America.

The Barack Obama of 2017 also pictured above with the “mask” removed is the Con Man he proved to be by being very typical Status Quo loving very average Democratic President masquerading as something he is NOT a Change Master as he proved so painfully well these last 8 year.

I am so proud as a Progressive American spending the last 310 weeks exposing the REAL Barack Obama week after week. What’s that? But CNN and NY Times keep complimenting Barack Obama on his legacy. WHAT LEGACY?  President Donald Trump?

By the way never forget what the call letters CNN stand for ….

Comedy News Network!

It has been fascinating to watch these last few weeks how SMALL Donald Trump is making Barack Obama look. As bad as most of Trump’s positions on issues are, Trump is presenting himself so much more forcefully than Obama ever did and as further humiliation ,Trump is able to use something as simple as Twitter to overwhelm Barack Obama.

As for Obamacare, which President Obama is focusing on in his final days, it just makes it worse. Obamacare is a FAILURE, forcing Americans to buy over priced private insurance policies with big annual increase in premiums and outrageous deductibles and making it a “crime” not to do so!

Barack Obama might as well be working for the insurance industry. In fact, he is with flawed piece of legislation like Obamacare. The insurance companies should be generous contributors to the Obama “foundation.”

And now Obama is warning Democrats and everyone about Trumpcare. I have no idea what Trumpcare will be and neither does anyone else but if it is even worse than Obamacare that will be a “good” thing proving the ONLY solution is universal health care for all Americans.

The nightmare for Obama is that there is an outside change President Donald Trump obviously smarter than Barack Obama regardless of his many flaws – that Donald Trump might possibly put together a plan that is not worse than Obamacare.  Just don’t bet on it.

But the best way, Donald Trump has recently made President Obama look SMALL no matter what the Comedy News Network says (I keep in on in the background often with sound off to put some humor in my day).

So President Obama punishes the Russians for supposedly doing horrible things hacking into Democratic Party computers. How dare they, if they even did? ONLY the United States is allowed to hack into other countries computers such as in Russia and everywhere else.  Do you think we don’t?

Didn’t you know that? We are doing exactly the same thing to Russia but you’d never know it listening to President Obama or all the outraged talking heads in government and in the media.

COULD YOU IMAGINE the U.S. govt. NOT hacking into Russian, Chinese and North Korean computer systems while they are doing so to us? Is President Barack Obama telling us the U.S. leaves these other countries alone? Just the opposite – if anything the U.S. govt. has an even better cyber hacking unit than Russia, China or North Korea. I sure hope so!

Complaining about Russians or anyone else hacking us is like complaining they have spies in the U.S. Everybody has spies and everybody hacks. Anyway …

Donald Trump complimenting Putin for NOT retaliating for Obama taking actions against Russia for supposedly hacking is a BRILLIANT DISAPLY OF LEADERSHIP, knowing he would be slammed by many for doing so.

Then Trump takes on the entire bloated U.S. “intelligence” apparatus – what exactly do we need SEVENTEEN different spy agencies in the U.S. government under Obama? That is nothing but WELFARE for spies …

Donald Trump announces: 1) he doesn’t necessarily believe all the BS the CIA and the others want to feed him, and more, 2) he is going to streamline the U.S. “intelligence” apparatus, save money and make it more efficient.

Making Barack Obama looking even SMALLER and older! Think about it – Trump may be a Total Disaster but he can still make Obama look SMALL.

What does that say about Barack Obama? Nothing good at all!

GET READY next week is the LAST episode of Obama’s America.

THE GOOD BYE Barack episode … don’t miss it!

The following week it will be Trump’s America for better or worse!!!

EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.
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