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News Americas, NY, NY, Weds. Nov, 11, 2020: It has been over twenty-five years since people have been using online casinos on computers. However, in the last decade, due to the increasing popularity of smartphones, online gambling has seen exponential growth.

The roots of online gambling are anchored to America, and the market value of online gambling in the USA is estimated at around $59 billion, which half of the global market value. Among the two forms of gambling, sports betting, and online casinos, the only online casino has a major role in America.

Since 2018 only, the USA has legalized betting on sports. As of now, nearly 20 states have legalized complete sports betting that is why sports betting is not enjoying popularity as much as online casinos. Online casinos have made their market value very strong by offering secure, safer, and fair games along with some lucrative bonuses. Poker, bingo, slots, Slingo, card games, roulette, blackjack, and the number of online gambling games is really adequate at these platforms. If you are looking to play some online gambling games with your friends then, we have made a list of social casino games that can be played on your smartphone or PC.

Slots to Play with Your Friends

Online slots are the most popular casino game at online gambling sites. This classic game has been reformed with modern technology by gaming software developers. Online slots come in various themes and the 3D animated interfaces with enticing audio effects render you the best gambling experience you want. Slot machines are promoted highly at online casinos since they are very fun to play.

You can enjoy this game with your friends or your partner. You just need to select an ideal online casino that provides a safe environment for gambling and a wider option when selecting online slots. Compared to classic slot machines, online slots have higher RTPs and that is why you and your friends can earn some good money with this game. Always check the developers before playing slots at any online casino. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Playtech are among the most trusted gaming software developers.

Classic Bingo with Modern Touch

Bingo is one of the most popular gambling games that can be played with your friends and other loved ones. The game enjoys great popularity for its social element. Since these days, bingo halls and bingo evenings are rare to see, online bingo can be the best option. Whether you are with your friends in one room or you guys are miles away from each other, you can have the gaming experience like you are sitting in a real bingo hall. You just need a trusted online bingo site.

With its in-built chat feature, players cannot only communicate with their friends, but they can also chat with other players playing the same bingo game. The social element of the game is the same as the old classic bingo. Seeing the popularity of bingo online, several online casinos offer special bingo events for the young as well as old players. Since bingo is a game for all age groups, you can also play it online with your family.

Poker is Best Enjoyed When Played with Others

Unlike previous gambling games, this game cannot be played as a single player. However, recently online casinos offer a function where players can play poker against the computer but the main core of the game rely on when it is played with others. This game is popular worldwide from Europe, Asia to Latin America. So, if you are looking to play this card game along with your friends online then there are multiple options available for you to explore. There are many online casinos that offer poker tables with live dealers as well as poker tournaments.

You and your friends can play as a team or also play against each other in various variants of poker. Earlier, there were only a few online casinos that used to offer online poker tables, however, now most of the popular gambling sites like 888 casino offers this casino game to the players. Video poker and other variants can be among the best social games you are looking for.


There are several other options at digital casinos. Slingo can also be a great social game that can be played with friends and family. Just like the name of the game says, it is related to bingo and slots. Actually, this digital game is designed by merging bingo and slots. So, it can be really more fun when you get such innovative games to play with your friends.

Roulette can also be a social game to play along with your friends. You need to play as a single player, but having other people around you when you bet on set numbers is really exciting. If your friends know some strategies and skills then, this could be the right time to try all these.

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