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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Nov. 13, 2020: FACTS before Magical Thinking …

Fact # 1: Joe Biden received more votes for President than any Presidential candidate in all of American history.

Fact # 2: Donald Trump received the second most votes for President of any Presidential candidate in American history, except Joe Biden.

Fact #3: If Covid-19 never happened, Donald Trump would have rather easily won re-election, carrying all the Swing States by small margins that he did not and which Biden carried by small margins because of Covid-19.

Fact #4: Fact #3 has nothing to do with how Trump handled Covid-19 but because the economy would have been strong without Covid-19.

Fact #5: As bad as Covid-19 was for Trump, if Pfizer had announced the results of its successful vaccine test last Monday before the election, most likely Donald Trump would have won the election. Be it barely.

Fact # 6: President–Elect Joe Biden claims he will do things now that he and Barack Obama as President, and he Vice-President, did not.

Fact #7: Donald Trump was ONLY elected President in 2016 because the Obama-Biden Administration did not bring the change they promised.

Fact # 8: Nancy Pelosi sacrificed 7 Democratic members of Congress by preventing a second stimulus package to assist Joe Biden’s election.

Fact #9: If there has been a second stimulus package before the election, Donald Trump probably would have won re-election.

Fact #10: Yes, based on the reality of the American electorate and the actual results of the election, even with Trump’s poisonous personality and even with the entire media establishment and the pollsters out to get him, Donald Trump in fact came very, very close to winning re-election.

NOW let’s turn to MAGICAL THINKING! A fun subject!

Magical Thinking #1: The champion (sic) of course is Donald Trump, who is now displaying SCARY signs of being so, so removed from reality that him remaining President for the next 2 ½ months is dangerous for the rest of us.

At first Trump claiming he won when he lost the election, just seemed like typical Trump BS and him playing to his base hoping they will join him in his fantasy, and yes believe it or not elect him again in a comeback in 2024.

Wednesday night he tweeted in bold letters: WE WILL WIN. At this point, his mental health is seriously in question. What exactly is he doing any more? Trump has disappeared inside The White House and refused to allow Biden the funding and facilities and access he is entitled to as President-Elect.

Let’s not forget Trump just FIRED his Secretary of Defense and a variety of other senior Defense Dept. officials. What could possibly be his motivation?

Yes, you are right as crazy, CRAZY as it is, Trump may be thinking about his ability to get the U.S. military to keep him in office beyond January 20, 2021. It is a ridiculous idea, except it may not be in wacko Trump’s mind.

Listen to this irony. Trump was able to win the lottery in 2016 and be elected President because of the failures of the Obama-Biden Presidency. Now 4 years later, the only reason Biden was elected is that he was running against Trump.

See the FACTS – if not for Covid-19, Trump would have won as bad as he is in so many ways. There are no credible disputes to this fact confirmed by the FACT that Biden clearly ran against Trump and Covid-19, not just Trump.

MAGICAL THINKING #2: Now its Biden’s turn. He lives in a world of MAGICAL thinking too, if in a different way than Trump.

Biden claims as President, Covid-19 will be far less of a problem than with Trump as President. REALLY? Why?

The problem of Covid-19 is Covid-19, not Trump, and the experience everywhere else in the world, except China proves it every day. Why not China? Because China, unlike anywhere else, had it in just one city, and isolated it from the rest of China but allowed it to spread everywhere else. Only question is, did Xi and his goons do so intentionally?

Why will it be better under Biden? Because he will ask everyone to wear masks? Biden has been doing so every day since March. If he has a wider strategy, where is it? Is he going to LOCKDOWN the nation for months or more? Good luck with that.

He will not have the power to do it, thank God. And it won’t work. General lockdowns create devastating long-term problems, and once the lockdowns end, Covid-19 is still there, as dangerous as ever!

The ONLY answer is effective vaccines. They will be widely available in the first months of the Biden Administration. But Biden will deserve NO credit, even though of course he will take it.

All that credit goes to the Trump Administration’s so-called “Warp Speed” operation.

Still the most humongous examples of MAGICAL Thinking by Biden will be the entire Biden Presidency.

More to follow next episode!

(This series dedicated in honor of the late Liu Xiaobo & Jamal Khashoggi)


EDITOR’S NOTE: About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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